In an ideal world, the question “How to get into the Tik Tok recommendations?” the answer is one: shoot cool videos. Unfortunately, our world is not like that, which is why many bloggers who make great content go unnoticed. For a quick promotion, you need to know what the Tik Tok algorithms pay attention to and understand how to influence them.

Wrong question

First you need to understand that the question “How to get to the Tik Toka rivers?” – initially incorrect, because absolutely all videos are included in the recommendations. To make sure of this, you need to switch to a business account on the social network and see the statistics under any of your videos. In the “Sources of traffic” column, you will see that most of the audience still comes from there.

Therefore, the correct question is: “What to do to stay in the recommendations as long as possible?”

How the recommendation feed is formed

The algorithm begins to analyze the interests of any user in the first minutes after registration by what videos he watches and likes, and who he subscribes to. Pretty soon, his stream of interests will be formed, but the algorithm will constantly work to improve it.

How video gets into rivers

After uploading any video, views do not go immediately – you need to wait 20-30 minutes. At this time, TikTok analyzes the video by hashtags, music and actions in the frame (yes, artificial intelligence can do that) in order to show it to the most interested audience.

After that, Tik Tok gives the first views of the video – usually about a hundred. This is a decisive moment, because if the first viewers do not like or quickly swipe to the next video, then the social network will stop showing the video to new users. If the algorithm concludes that the content is not interesting to the public, then it will stop promoting it.

If people like it, then the video will receive a new portion of views. The algorithm does not stop working at this time, but analyzes the behavior of viewers in order to continue showing the video to those who are most likely to be interested in it.

Tik Tok

There are no restrictions on the time spent in the recommendations – the video can be played there until the algorithm decides that the target audience (tiktokfollowers) of the video has been exhausted.

What affects the ingress of the TikTok rivers

Repeated views

This is the first thing the Tik Tok algorithm pays attention to. All popular videos have a high follow-up rate. If a person after the first time decided to watch the video again, or even several times, then the social network algorithm begins to actively promote the publication.

Many tiktokers act on the metric in the following way: at the beginning of the video, they promise to share something, for example, an interesting promotion chip, and then show it for half a second at the end of the video. The viewer, of course, does not have time to read anything, so he watches the video one more, or even several, times.

Number of inspections

The second most important is the number of searches. The metric shows the number of people who watched the video to the end. There is no such indicator in the statistics for the video, but there is an average viewing time. The closer it is to the full duration of the publication, the more popular the publication will be.

The trick described above also works well on the number of searches.


Usually, only the most interesting videos are repost, so the social network algorithm estimates this indicator higher than likes and comments.

Tik Tok


The more people comment on the post, the more likely the video is to hit trends. If it is difficult to influence reposts, then you can work on comments. It is enough just to ask a question and ask for an answer in the comments.


Of all the indicators described above, likes are the easiest to get, so the Tik Tok algorithm, although it pays attention to them, is the last thing. This metric is easy to influence – just ask the viewers to “Like” it. Primitive, but it works.

Despite the fact that some metrics are rated higher than others, you should not focus on some indicators and score on others. You need to work in all directions, this is the only way to bring the publication into trends.

It is no secret that likes attract likes, and a finger placed above the phone screen will fall on it much more confidently if the “class” given by it is not fifth, but three thousand and five. People are herd animals, we don’t like to question our choices, and millions of others cannot be wrong, right? You may have to buy followers on tik tok like an initial audience of followers to kick your TikToker career – but don’t tell anyone that we advised you that.

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