How To Choose The Best Headphones For Your Home Office

In the past, headphones or earphones weren’t really a necessity. In fact, not many would really put quite a lot of thought into the choice of headphones they’ll use. Unless it’s one that has always been needed in your job or in your life, it’s enough to be content with whatever headphones you can find for an affordable price. Some are even content with the free ones that come with their mobile phone.

Today, however, times have changed. As working from home is becoming the new norm, people are now putting so much more effort into selecting the right headphones to avoid having one broken headphone after another. There are now so many features you need to be more particular about, on top of simply thinking about what the best price is. After all, when you need functional headphones for daily work and meetings, you’ll surely want them to be reliable and of good quality at the same time.

If you’re still on the hunt for the best headphones for your home office, you have to read through the content below. In this article, you’ll have all the information you’ll need.

Choose A Trusted Brand

There’s no substitute for a trusted brand. You’re buying headphones for your job, so you should consider them as an investment as this may affect your work quality and productivity. When you’re presented with quite a variety of options, you can easily narrow down the choices basing on the brand alone. You can always start your research and shopping trip from sources like, among many other reputable sources.

If you’re pinching pennies, you need not worry too much about the price. Buying a trusted brand doesn’t necessarily follow that you’ll also have to burn a hole in your pocket. Take the time to window shop, so you can compare prices and offers from various reputable brands. Don’t immediately purchase the very first brand you’ll come across, just so you’re sure you’re getting the best deals.

If you have to pay a little bit more than what you initially expected to shell out, know that you will more likely get your money’s worth from them. It’s so much better to buy one quality headphone now that’ll last you many years of use than to keep on buying new ones regularly simply because you skimped on the quality.

Get To Know The Subjective Categories Of Sound Quality

When talking about headphones or earphones, there’s such a standard known as the subjective categories of sound quality or sound signatures. There’s no one category that’s better than the other, as different headphone users will have their respective standards of audio quality that they desire.

For your guidance, these three subjective categories include:

  • Flat: Balanced, and neutral sounding with equal frequencies.
  • Bass-Heavy: Gives a strong emphasis on the sound’s lower range to have deep bass quality sound.
  • V-shaped: Gives more emphasis on both treble and bass for a livelier sound.

If this still confuses you, it doesn’t hurt to ask for expert advice from the sales representatives in the store you’re buying your headphones from. They can offer you the best selection, in terms of sound quality, according to your work needs and preferences. 

However, since you’re going to use such headphones for work, it’s best to go with either a flat or V-shaped sound quality. You need headphones that can offer volume and clarity during professional meetings, webinars, and online talks. 

Choose A Specific Type Of Earphone

There’s no hard and fast rule as to the type of headphone or earphone you’ll go for, for as long as your company is also presenting you with the opportunity to choose. Without getting into the nitty-gritty of technical specifications, there are three general types of headphones you can choose from.

These include:

  • On-Ear Earphones. These are the typical headphones you can see anywhere. For it to stick on the ear, it comes with headbands. Usually, you can choose either those which circle your ear or the ones that are pressed against your ears.

The key to choosing the best on-ear earphones is to ensure that the headband fits your head perfectly. That way, the padding won’t hurt you. If you’re also the type to move from one area of your home to another, it’s best to go for lightweight and wireless earphones.

  • In-Ear Earphones. These are the types of earphones that you literally place on your ears. This is the reason why in-ear earphones are also referred to as earbuds. While it may seem small and convenient, the biggest complaint regarding in-ear earphones has to do with how the buds are too big for your ear canal. With such, it may place too much pressure on your ears. In effect, it can either hurt and also fall quite frequently. This can be a nuisance to your focus and concentration at work.

Wireless earphones or headphones are also a good option to buy your kids, if you have any, who are also studying from home. The less wires they have in their study area, the less distractions they’ll also have. Most importantly, given that children can’t stay still in one area for a long period, wireless earphones or headphones offer that added convenience to move around.

 The choice really boils down to your preference and need. When you’re buying one for your job, it’s important that you’re comfortable with what you’re using, so you won’t mind the long hours of work you have to do while wearing your earphones.

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Get To Know The Different Types Of Headphones

If you prefer headphones, as in those with a headband, then it’s worth knowing that there are also different types of this to choose from. You don’t need to be a master of all its technical features. But it’s worth familiarizing yourself with the technical terms. That way, when you head out and shop, you’re not completely clueless as to all of the options that’ll be presented to you.

With that said, these are some examples of the different types of headphones you can choose from, for your home office:

  • Supra-Aural: This type of headphones rests on the ears. These are also light headphones, thereby making them a more comfortable option as well. But because this type doesn’t encircle the ears, it’s expected that its ability to isolate noise is significantly lower.
  • Semi-Open: As its name implies, this type of headphone is between a fully open and closed-back headphone design. The advantages of a semi-open headphone are that it has an extended low-frequency response and a realistic stereo field.
  • Studio Headphone Packages: This is the type of headphone you may want to have if you’re working in the music industry. If you work in a music studio, a studio headphone package, complete with an amplifier, is your best bet.
  • Earbud Headphones: This is one of the most lightweight and most portable types of headphones. Despite their smaller size, earbud earphones can also come with quite an excellent sound quality.
  • Wireless Headphones: This type comes with the convenience of not having any wires when you move around. 

Ask About The Kilobits Per Second (KBPS)

If you’re really after superior quality and if you also want to use the same work headphones for streaming music during your free time, you may want to ask about its kilobits per second. Generally, the rule of thumb is the higher the kbps, the higher the sound quality as well. 

When you have high-quality headphones, you can tell the difference as to the sound quality, or the kbps. This is the reason why kbps is also another factor you have to consider as a non-negotiable, especially if you’re working in the music industry.

Look For Noise Cancelling Headphones

While you might have your own set of preferences as to the earphones you’ll purchase, there’s another feature you also shouldn’t turn a blind eye to: noise canceling. Especially if your home office is in a common living space where your kids are playing around or other kids are also doing homeschooling, it’s inevitable that you may be distracted by the noise. It’s, therefore, a good practice to select noise-canceling headphones. 

These types of headphones don’t merely block outside noise. It works by picking up the outside noise and then later on canceling it while playing the sound on the headphones. This can help you better focus on the work you have to do, amidst the distractions of working from home.


Once you head out headphone shopping for your home office, you’re sure to come across quite a wide array of options. If you aren’t prepared with what specifications, features, and even sound quality you need, you may be just be confused with what to go for. As a result, you could also bring home the wrong headphones which don’t necessarily meet your desired need and usage. With the guidelines above, now you have a higher chance of bringing home the headphones which you’re certain is the best one for your home office.

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