Bitcoin Trader Review – Expert’s View & Experience

Bitcoin Trader is a trading robot that automatically makes the trades for its clients. This implies that Bitcoin Trader users do not have to make their trades manually. Being a robot, it automatically trades Bitcoins and earns huge profits for its traders. The user interface is beginner-friendly, making the platform suitable for all kinds of traders. It facilitates the easy buying and selling of Bitcoin with the help of in-built software.

Gary Roberts developed the Bitcoin Trader application in 2017, and since then, it has successfully generated massive profits. The software was designed to allow super-fast trading that emits signals 0.01 seconds faster than other crypto robots. It promises to generate approximately $1,300 in profits each day.

In this Bitcoin Trader review, we will dive deeper into the platform’s features, services, pros and cons, fees, and many more.  

What is Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin Trader is a popular trading robot that helps in maximizing trading potential in major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The platform has a success rate of 96% which is very high compared to manual trading. It uses automated algorithms to trade for its traders and allows trading, buying, and selling Bitcoin without requiring any human intervention.

The robot analyses past databases, patterns, graphs, and charts from different sources on the internet and derives the best possible trading strategies. It executes the trades along with brokers by using different progression and statistical methods. These methods allow the robot to operate in 0.01 seconds. It leverages this advantage by operating within microseconds.

Furthermore, the software is also perfectly designed for experienced investors who wish to trade manually. We all know that the cryptocurrency market runs 24*7, and an investor may want to be active the entire day and set predetermined parameters for entering and exiting a certain trade. For this, the investor needs to mention the price at which they wish to buy or sell. It automatically saves it and successfully executes the trade according to the set conditions without requiring any human intervention. 

How Does Bitcoin Trader Work?

Bitcoin Trader works like magic. It is a cryptocurrency trading robot that analyzes a huge volume of data by using statistical algorithms and technology and figures out the best possible trading opportunity for its traders in the crypto market. It employs this information and places clients’ trades with dedicated brokers.

Bitcoin Trader is linked with a team of partnered brokers via Application Programming Interface (API) that operates in real-time. Bitcoin Trader robot is responsible for instant sending and receiving databases through the API and places and assesses the trades and their performance. 

Is Bitcoin Trader a Scam or Legit?

Bitcoin Trader is a 100% legit platform and not a scam. It provides trading of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin with a success rate of 96%. Our expert tested all the features & trading processes of the Bitcoin Trader including live trading. According to CoinNewsSpan, Bitcoin Trader is one of the best Bitcoin robot platforms available in the market.

Yes, there are some news stories found on the internet that claims Bitcoin Trader is a scam. We checked all the claims and investigate them thoroughly resulting in all the stories being found not true. Also, You will found many positive users’ testimonials and reviews across the internet.

Features & Services of Bitcoin Trader

Among several impressive features that Bitcoin Trader offers, here are a few features and services that benefit traders –

  • Payouts – Bitcoin Trader users can earn $1,300 on average every day but only for experienced traders who make wise decisions. Those who invest more generate higher profits.
  • Deposits and Withdrawals – Trading on Bitcoin Trader is user-friendly and straightforward. Each withdrawal request is instantly processed and takes only a few hours compared to its competitors that generally take days to process. To deposit funds, traders need to select their choice of payment methods and enter necessary details like deposit amount, and that is all!
  • Fees – The fee structure is completely transparent as there are no hidden fees or commissions for brokers. The registration process is also free of cost.

Brokers – All the funds on the platform are channeled via stock brokering services online. This means that when the traders invest in the auto-trading platform, the investments are automatically processed through the brokering service.

Bitcoin Trader Pros & Cons

Multiple payment optionsUS-trading not supported
Quick, hassle-free, and fee-free registration processCannot select brokers
Trading in demo mode
Customizable trading settings 

Bitcoin Trader Registration Process

Unlike other auto-trading platforms, the Bitcoin Trader registration process is not only quick but also simple. But note that the registration slots are limited. Less than 5% of the traders who sign up on the platform succeed. So, if you can register yourself on the first attempt, you should feel fortunate.

Whenever the registration slot is open or available, traders must register immediately to enjoy the features of Bitcoin Trader. After that, the sign-up or registration process includes entering contact details and verifying the ID through an assigned broker. 

Bitcoin Trader Account Types

After successful registration on the Bitcoin Trader platform, traders can automatically access their demo account. This is a smart feature since users get to try out the platform before trading with real funds. Users can trade in the exact way they would trade with a standard account with the demo account, but the money is not real. It only offers an insight into the crypto trading experience on this platform.

Why Should You Trade with Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin Trader has several features to offer its clients, and the reasons why you should be trading with Bitcoin Trader are mentioned below –

  • User-friendly interface and features
  • Reliable and responsive
  • Excellent customer service
  • Demo trading feature
  • Super-fast processing

Bitcoin Trader Fees

Being free software, it does not have any hidden charges or commissions. The entire profit can be withdrawn at zero cost. But there is a minimum deposit amount of $250 required to start trading on the platform.

Bitcoin Trader Security Measures

The platform is safe, and the verification procedure is reliable and secure. The platform offers a safety semblance even if it is extremely quick. The exchange does not ask for any information other than credit card details.  

Customer Service

Active traders in the cryptocurrency world know the importance of having effective and responsive customer support. Bitcoin Trader support team is one of the easiest to reach out through their 24*7 helpline. Users can also connect with the team using their Live Chat feature or email. 


All in all, Bitcoin Trader is a legit cryptocurrency trading robot with a success rate of 96%. We found that this platform executes trades 0.01 seconds faster than the other platforms. It is an advanced robotic crypto exchange that automatically trades on behalf of the client. Both beginners and professional high-volume traders can use the platform. But we recommend you to start trading at Bitcoin Trader with the minimum amount or the amount which you can afford to lose.


Is Bitcoin Trader safe?

Yes, Bitcoin Trader is entirely secured by the leading compatible brokers and security providers SSL. It is completely safe and verified to use. 

Does Bitcoin Trader Provide a Mobile App?

The platform offers free iOS/Android mobile apps, and setting an account on the app is straightforward and encrypted for user safety. 

What is the minimum deposit of Bitcoin Trader?

To start trading on the platform, users need to maintain a minimum deposit of $250 or more at all times to gain a good trading experience.

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