Know everything in detail about the Thai lottery

The National Lottery is the only legal form of gambling available to the majority of Thais. This started in 1974. Every month, on the first and sixteenth days, draws are held. I’ll wrap off this essay by talking about how fascinated individuals are with winning the lotto. First, I explain how everything works, including how to buy tickets and how to win money.

Purchasing Thai Lottery Tickets

Thai lottery (หวยออนไลน์) in Thailand are preprinted. Lottery sellers may be found in markets, streets, and towns all throughout the country. Outside of large stores like Tesco Lotus and Big C, there are additional stalls.

The official entrance fee of Thai lottery (หวยออนไลน์) is 40 baht for each person. You can only buy two tickets for 80 baht because they are sold in identical bundles of two (which are an exact match of each other). Ticket sellers also charge a markup. The cost of the lottery, like almost everything else in Thailand, is adjustable.

The asking price for the two tickets with a face value of 40+40=80 baht from street vendors maybe 120-130 baht. Regular pricing installs outside big stores is 100 Baht. It’s worth noting that merchants that do display pricing do so in a variety of ways for each Thai lottery ticket. Unpopular numbers (85, 90, and 95 baht) are less expensive, while those with auspicious Buddhist number combinations are more expensive.

Explanation of Thai Lotto Tickets

Our usual bundle of two matching Thai lottery is shown to the right. The six-digit number is all that matters in most illustrations. You will win the reward for that draw if you draw those numbers in the exact order.

So, what’s the deal with the two extra double-digit digits on the ticket?

The number at the bottom of the ticket denotes the sort of ticket it is. There are two separate jackpots available at the time of writing this article.

The top awards for particular batches are:

●       3 million baht for every right answer

●       20 million baht for all correct answers plus a two-digit bonus (0-99) number.

The top awards for the other batches are:

●       2,000,000 baht for all correct answers

●       30 million baht for all accurate numbers and a bonus of two digits (0-99).

Both major draws use the same six-digit number (0-9 per slot). If you obtain the exact match, check the back of your ticket to learn if the prize is $2,000,000 or $3,000,000. From then, a different number (multiplier) is drawn (0-99) for each. If you hold the 2 million-paying ticket and the two-digit number picked for it is the same, you will be paid $30 million. You will receive 30 million plus 2 million because you have two tickets.

The same is true for the 3 million dollar ticket: if you match the extra number, you will get an additional 20 million dollars for that section of your ticket.

If your Thai lottery is one number off in either way (for example, if the draw is 223454, then 223453 and 223455 are one number off), you will receive a consolation prize of 50,000 baht. You win 100,000 baht since you have two identical tickets.

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