77 SUBMISSIONS including 3 entries in the 2021 NPR Tiny Desk Concert

The Day the Lady Cried by John Vento and The Nieds Hotel. A 9/11 tribute is also really good music.Delivered country style but goes beyond country into anthem territory and rock with a powerful sax breakdown.  Also a great tribute to the Statue of Liberty.  You will want to listen to this far beyond 9/11.  Available this Friday .  Pre-save on Spotify.

Their Turn to Try to Rule the World, by Nightwatchers. The French punk rock band has produced a bass-driven, well-assembled stand-out melodic blow against institutional racism as the firs release from an upcoming album.  Not your mother’s punk music, it is true to form but has a unique charm.  Stream on all platforms

Good Ones by Charli XCX.  Grabs you from the first note.  The English  pop singer releases a high energy dance banger with throbbing synths and addictive beats to reveal her inner flaw of self-sabotage. Top of your dance playlist for sure. Available on all platforms.

Still Life by  Alisa Amador.  Love captured in an acoustic guitar, this song will inspire you, soothe  you, maybe pull a tear from the corner of your eye.  An entry in NPR’s Tiny Desk contest, the song is not yet released.  The video is available on YouTube for now at

Bloodlines by Lilith Ai. An arrow direct into your soul, this simple acoustic guitar song explodes with the emotional curl that is distinctly Lilith’s.  Powerful while being quiet; revealing without shouting. Amazing.  An NPR Tiny Desk entry,  for now available on YouTube  at

Superego by Allison Mahal. Raw, searing inner narrative.  Worth listening to over and over for the lyrics, the ambience, the special curl in her voice. A Tiny Desk entry, it is currently only available at YouTube at

BONUS: Rumba Madre’s remix of  La Rumba del Coco

BONUS 2.  Farda – Song For Afghans by Abi K. Safa

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