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The natural spices play an important role in the processing of products in which the food has a unique taste. It not only makes meat products taste unique but can also suspend and fix the smell of meat products add a strong aroma Promote the digestion and absorption of the human body. And many spices also have antibacterial function and disinfectants Most spices have nontoxic side effects. We are introducing natural spices Switzerland. There are many kinds of spices. According to the source is divided into natural spices. Able to prepare two broad types of spices

Most aromatic spices anise, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, cumin, tempeh, wine, pepper, cumin.

  • Spices to satisfy spicy food cravings: pepper, ginger, chili, mustard.
  • Spices, main aroma: garlic, onion, bay leaf, sage.
  • Color the spices: red chili, turmeric, saffron.
  • The use of spices in meat products

All Spices: Spices without processing when used in general water and boiled with meat products so that the taste of the aqueous solution is absorbed by meat products which is the most commonly used spice and the most traditional Spice grinding material: dry spices according to different requirements after pulverization in granules or powder Used in meat products (such as wine, curry powder, etc.) directly or with meat products in cooking broths (ground up, spice particles used to marinate products).

What spices should we have in the kitchen?

There is a wide variety, not to mention spice blends such as curries, garam masala, Provence herbs, etc. Something to make you dizzy! Fortunately, you don’t have to have them all at home. The important thing is to get those that will allow us maximum versatility in the kitchen. Then, you can get some spices according to the recipes you prepare and your preferences.

Yaksha Natural spices

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Here are the 10 spices to always have in your kitchen

To know:  in store, we find whole or ground spices. For maximum flavor, it’s best to buy them whole and grind them a small amount at a time. They should also be stored in airtight jars to prevent them from fanning.

1. Salt

It seems obvious because we always have salt at home. But its role in the kitchen is essential! Salt is not only a flavor enhancer, it is also used to flavor, marinate or disgorge foods. There are several varieties, table salt, sea salt, pink salt or even fleur de sel. Some can be used for cooking while others are added to dishes for finishing.

2. Pepper

Another essential in the kitchen is pepper. Whether white, black, green or pink, it brings spice and warmth to dishes. The intensity of the pepper varies from variety to variety, and black pepper is the hottest. It is often added as a finishing touch to dishes, but it can also be used in marinades or to flavor sauces. It is found sold in whole or ground grains. Pepper is at its best when it’s freshly ground. Ground, it is preferable to add it at the end of cooking to prevent it from becoming too bitter.

3. Cumin

Very fragrant, cumin has no equal in bringing warmth and flavor to dishes. It is found a lot in Tex-Mex, Mexican, Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines. Cumin is very versatile and adds to soups, sauces, fajitas, curries, tagines, couscous and vegetable dishes, and meat dishes such as lamb. As it has a slight bitterness, it is however added sparingly.

4. Cinnamon

Cinnamon isn’t just for flavoring apple pies and crumbles. Although it is often used in desserts, it goes very well with savory dishes. It is therefore found in savory dishes such as rice, carrot salads, tagines or meat dishes. Its flavor goes very well with squash and sweet potatoes. It is also very present in the cuisine of the Middle East Cinnamon is sold ground or in sticks. It is also found in certain spice blends such as five spices, and curries.

5. Mustard

Yellow or Dijon mustard is a popular condiment in burgers and sandwiches, but its seeds are also very useful in cooking and add spice to dishes. They are found in the form of whole or ground seeds, called dry mustard. Dry mustard is ideal for marinades, coating roasts, flavoring vinaigrettes and mayonnaise. Seed mustard is used in sauces, marinades and curries.

6. Bay leaf

The bay leaf is a small shrub whose dried leaf is used, either in garnished bouquets, or alone. It is a great flavoring for dishes like stews, casseroles and spaghetti sauce.

7. Dried thyme

If fresh thyme is more aromatic, its dried version is a great option in winter and for stews, because it is a spice that tolerates long cooking ideal with grilled meats and fish, tomatoes and vegetables. Thyme is very present in French, Italian and American cuisines.

8. Dried oregano

Another very versatile herb in cooking, dried oregano occupies an important place in Italian and Mediterranean cuisines. It is preferably added at the end of cooking and it goes perfectly with dishes of tomatoes, chicken, pizza, pasta and roasts.

9. Turmeric

If there is one trendy spice, it’s turmeric. The health benefits that we bring to it are one of the reasons for this craze. When this yellow powder does not find its place in a latte, it is also used in Southeast Asian cuisine and to color dishes. Turmeric is also present in some spice blends like curry or garam masala.

10. Chili

To bring heat and spice up the dishes, make way for chili peppers! There is a very large variety, from the sweetest to the very spicy. Pepper flakes, Epaulette pepper, sweet, smoked or hot paprika are just a few examples. 

I hope you will easy to choose best thing for your health and kitchen. From this article definitely you learnt a lot.

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