“Reservation Dogs” Scores Second Season Renewal Courtesy of FX

Believe the hype: After a smash first season that was celebrated by audiences and critics alike, the FX comedy series Reservation Dogs just got the green light to proceed with a second season of awesomeness, according to our pals with exceptionally good taste over at The Hollywood Reporter.

Reservation Dogs is a story about a quartet of Indigenous teens in Oklahoma who set about the task of stealing and saving all in an effort to achieve their version of The Promised Land – In this instance, a desire to shake the dust of their rural lives off of them and head to sunny California. Created by Sterlin Harjo and Taika Waititi, this half hour comedy caught everyone by surprise when it landed at the gates of pop culture: To wit, it instantly became a sensation and a watercooler show. That same devotion from acolytes of the series has spurred FX on Hulu to enlist these lovable characters for a sophomore season.

 In a press release today announcing the season two renewal, FX Big Wheel (and President of Original Programming) Nick Grad said that “We couldn’t wait to share Reservation Dogs with viewers and are thrilled that they seem to love it as much as we do. We’re happy to put in an early order for another season. Sterling Harjo delivered on his creative vision, partnering with Taika Waititi and the rest of the creative team, the brilliant cast and crew to create one of TV’s best new comedies and a groundbreaking showcase of representation and raw talent.”

For Harjo and Waititi, Reservation Dogs is obviously a passion project; Harjo hails from the same state as his co-creations, Oklahoma and Waititi brings a genuine warmth to the protagonists of the series, proving that – regardless of skin color – we all have way more in common as a people than not; the authenticity that drips from every frame of Reservation Dogs? That’s genuine stuff, folks: Every blessed director and writer and actor on this wonderful series is Indigenous.

 As noted by Grad, this is an early pick-up for the Reservation team: the eight-episode first season is but halfway through, indicating that FX Networks (and audiences) knows a good thing when they see it.

 No word about a production start date for season two of Reservation Dogs (let alone an actual air date), but you can bet your bottom dollar that as soon as we have more info on the second season we here at Vents will pass it on to you!

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