Owner of “JB Noble Interiors, Ltd” Joshua Bodjanac talks about what makes him different from other designers.

The way certain industries have been on a constant rise makes us wonder what could have been the reasons behind their exponential growth. Though technology has had a major role to play here, one cannot deny that a few youngsters with their astute minds and impressive skills took their chosen industries to greater success levels. The interior design industry has seen some of the greatest talented beings so far, but one name that has been consistently creating a lot of buzz for all the right reasons is Joshua Bodjanac. His futuristic approaches in design have always earned him headlines and turned heads even of the established names in the industry, which has allowed him to create his unique space in the same as a high-performing principal designer and owner of his firm “JB Noble Interiors, Ltd”.

Talking about what has allowed him to stand unique in the already competitive industry, the 29-year-old designer says, unlike others, he can execute various styles from extremely contemporary and modern to old world traditional and classical design. Also, the fact that he started his journey at a very early age has allowed him to gain early experiences, which has worked his way and given him an outstanding experience and understanding of the way the industry works, which has helped him mature as a designer and entrepreneur.

Joshua Bodjanac points out that he also stands different from others because he has a lot of energy and new concepts that set the trend for current and future design direction. In addition, his out of the box thinking and creative skills that only offer uniqueness has helped him create his unique standing in the industry.

With his full-service interior design firm “JB Noble Interiors, Ltd”, Joshua Bodjanac offers various services like new construction, space printing, decor, kitchen and bathroom remodels, furniture design and development, lighting design, accessory implementation and finished selection. Also, they specialize in precious material finishes on walls and ceilings.  

He has attained prowess in architecture, using skilful design and unique décor items for bringing beauty to interior spaces, tailored to each client to reflect their lifestyle and dreams, turning each of his projects into a success story.

To connect with him, follow him on Instagram @joshuabodjanac or visit his website,

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