Bless Unleashed How to Get More Reputation

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What is Bless Unleashed Reputation?

Reputation in Bless Unleashed represents the player’s standing in Lomios Factions. As the reputation increases, players can buy more special items from merchants. And earn enough reputation and you’ll earn a special chest filled with items to help on your adventures! So, to get more powerful items in your inventory, players will try their best to obtain Bless Unleashed Reputation, and you will find the solution in the following!

Reputation UI

Go to Menu(Esc)> Mastery & Reputation to view a list of reputations, your reputation level, and reputation points. Select the [Reputation] tab located at the top.

①Faction category (based on PVP/based on Region)

②Faction list

④Reputation Level for each Faction

⑤Reputation Points for each Faction

There are five different Reputation Levels:

·Neutral – 0-1,500 Reputation Points

·Friendly – 1,500-5,000 Reputation Points

·Honored – 5,000 – 15,000 Reputation Points

·Revered – 15,000- 30,000 Reputation Points

·Exalted – 30,000-50,000

How to get Bless Unleashed Reputation?

Reputation points and certain rewards can be obtained by completing the repeated tasks given by each faction. The reputation is increased by gaining reputation points. Repeating tasks are found in the area of a faction and can be performed 3 times a day. Once you reach the Honored level, you can no longer get reputation points and rewards from repeated tasks. You can only further improve your reputation by completing Prestige quests.

Reputation points and certain rewards can be obtained by completing prestige tasks. The requirements for unlocking prestige quests are as follows:

-Completing all the Campaign Quests in the Region

-Honored level for a Faction or region

-The character level is 25

Find a full set of green reputation + gear, lock it, and put it on right before completing the quests. Other than that you’re stuck completing 6 rep quests per city until 25. When you hit 25/honored/and finish the town story you can unlock prestige reputation quests. I believe it gives an extra 500 rep & a box daily? Prestige Quests are daily Quests that reward you with 500 Reputation Points and a Reward Box. These quests require you to complete a specific number of Region Quests.

Generally speaking, Prestige Quests will have a limited time. Then the player has to complete the four quests on the map, open the map to view. After completion, players can receive treasure chests or equipment rewards, as well as the corresponding factions’ reputation.

How to buy from Reputation Merchant?

1. Press [F] key to interact with [Reputation Merchant].

2. Select [Show me what you’ve got] from the dialogue menu to enter the store.

3. Select the [Purchase] tab at the top.

4. Select the item you want to buy from the list on the left, and press and hold the [Space] key.

5. Enter the quantity and hold down the [Space] key to purchase.

Below are the ways to get reputation! In bless Unleashed, you can not only use reputation points to get special items, but also you can use Bless Unleashed Starseeds to purchase equipment! If you need Cheap BU Star Seed, then the secure trading platform must be the best place for you!

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