Welcome Grable, we’re excited to chat with you today. To get started, tell us a little bit about you! Where are you from and how did you get into music?

I am very excited too! My name is Grable and I am an independent artist from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I began creating music when I was a teenager, and last year I really dove into distributing my music, really trying to push it out there.

Okay so let’s start things off with your upcoming album release. Tell us all the good stuff and what fans can expect?

#ITHINKIMFINE is a full length, 11 track album, with stories of love, self love, and loss. Fans can expect to hear a shimmer pop/bedroom pop style music with some RnB & TripHop influences. I began a self improvement journey when beginning this album, there were many days during the first year of this pandemic that I thought I was fine, but I was not sure I would make it. So each song in the album really expresses the chaos and internal struggles I faced during this process.

This may be a difficult question, but what song of yours are you most proud of right now?

Tough question, for sure! oh my. I will always be proud of my first release “Traffic” the most, simply because that’s where it started and I did it! I am also very fond of “Play 4 Keeps” which is being released with the album Sept 13th.

Did you write the music for this album – if so what is your process like?

I wrote and composed every bit of this album in my home studio (which is just an office with a microphone and a computer lol). Some of this album was actually recorded and mixed on my cell phone, so at some points it was just a long and frustrating process with crashing apps haha.

The writing process is like an animal of its own, I love it and it drives me insane at the same time. I probably look funny when i’m making music because I am all over the place, I might be staring deeply writing lyrics or bouncing around the room telling afraid about an idea i just had out of nowhere lol

What music being released right now by other artists is inspiring you most?

Vocally I have been inspired by Ariana Grande, I am always a fan of big vocals like Celine, and Whitney, but my most recent inspiration has to be Halsey.

The artistic aspects of her recent albums really relate to my own chaos and duality, and the overall stories are painted so beautifully, I appreciate it like you would a masterpiece.

What would you ideally like listeners to take away from your music?

Honestly, whatever the music makes them feel I am excited, I don’t think there are any wrong answers when listening to music. A ton of my fans are also upcoming musicians and artists, so I wanted to show them that even through the worst of times, commitment to your goals and never giving up really can get you places! When I listen to #ITHINKIMFINE, I think it means to “keep moving forward” and push through the hard times, even when you think you are not fine, You got this!.

I think every listener might have a completely different connection to the album or each song, and I love that about music! I just love to inspire a feeling!

Thanks so much for speaking with us today! Where can we check out your music and find you online?

Thanks so much for talking with me! The album #ITHINKIMFINE releases on all streaming platforms September 13th! you can pre-save it on Spotify at this link: & on my website at: Thanks for having me!

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