Top 5 best services on Fiverr to buy in 2021 including Backlinks

Fiverr is a great network for freelancers and businesses like Backlinks, Writing, and Designing. But some jobs are the most gratifying. Choose from a wide range of commercial and freelancing jobs.

Nobody expected Fiverr, a freelance gig marketplace, to grow 600% in 2–3 years. What began as a modest $5 job website has grown into one of the world’s biggest freelancing marketplaces.

People are now using the platform to build professions and receive great services. For sellers, you may target a specialty and establish your prices, while buyers can perform jobs without any commitment.

Despite the site’s abundance of jobs from every area and career, I’ve noticed that some do better than others.

1.    SEO & Backlinks

SEO Person creating backlinks

Guest Posting and Backlinks

If you’re creating a personal blog, a company website, or an eCommerce site, you can Buy Backlinks through Fiverr to boost traffic and profits. So it is always suggested to buy Best Guest Posting Service On Fiverr. Nowadays it is the most reputable way to increase your online credibility and make your brand known to the targeted audience. If you are a blogger, then Guest Post will increase your site authority, So in that way, your keywords will rank on top. There are many sellers on Fiverr who sell cheap backlinks at low prices like they are offering hundreds of backlinks at just $5. Wooah I mean seriously dude?? They will make your site a piece of sh*t. But there are many real sellers also available on Fiverr, Who provide backlinks, that actually work. They are trusted, reliable, professional, and know how to work and how to deal with customers. Yeeaaahhh!!! They are real and available to serve you! Some of them are Canno. We personally try this seller and boooom… He did an amazing job! I suggest you, go check him out!

Similarly, SEO is a relatively new marketing technique. Therefore integrating it into site content may make you a lot of money on Fiverr. A Good SEO Will Develop Great Backlinks.

Fiverr Seller Badge
Fiverr Seller badge

SEO Keyword Study

Many companies and start-ups desire organic internet traffic. To Develop content that attracts readers and keeps them interested, you need to do keyword research. After Backlinks, it is the Most Important thing in SEO.

This job may pay $500-$1000 per month if you know the fundamentals of keyword research and can provide helpful keyword reports for your customers.

You may also sell SEO services online, such as domain name suggestions and article authoring.

Hire SEO Tools

The membership fees for tools like Jungle Scout and Ahrefs ( To check backlinks, traffic, keywords ETC ) are high. Paying a monthly fee for a platform that you seldom use is useless.

To solve this issue, several individuals have begun selling SEO products on Fiverr. Others with monthly memberships may make additional money, while those who use these tools periodically can have work done at little cost.

However, renting these tools will only assist you as a buyer if you know how to analyze the data. Sellers may want to charge for data interpretation.

2.    Graphic Design

A Graphic Desiger doing some designing

Graphic design is a lucrative specialty. People make hundreds of dollars each month from a single design job on Fiverr.

Here are some typical design jobs:

Logo Making

Companies are cautious of employing in-house designers now. Instead, they use freelancing sites to outsource their design work. You may get logo design services for your business on Fiverr for $10 to $100.

Make a nice drawing using tools like Photoshop or Illustrator and sell it on Fiverr for fast cash.

You may also charge more for benefits. Providing AI or PSD files or high-resolution images are examples.

Look at other vendors’ bundles before creating your own.

In this way, you can figure out how much to charge for your service and attract customers.

Card Design

This is a popular Fiverr job. Most new businesses cannot afford a professional designer but must establish a brand identity.

Small businesses may have their business cards created on Fiverr for as little as $5.

When buying on Fiverr, look for the package’s services list. When ordering a business card design, ask whether it is two-sided or single-sided.

Some designers charge extra for a double-sided design.

Brochures and Flyers

Companies and organizations need this constantly. A brochure design may earn you between $25 and $50.

Infographic Design

Creating a brand identity that people can connect to is now the most lucrative company strategy. Infographics assist by visually communicating comprehensive information. Post an infographics job on Fiverr if you believe you can produce such designs.

3.    Content Writing

Content Writer, doing Editing, Scriptwriting and Legal writing

One of the greatest Fiverr jobs is content writing. It’s easy to learn and pays well. As a buyer, you may obtain inexpensive writing services on Fiverr, but be careful that you get what you pay for.

Buy writing services from reputable authors with a strong portfolio, or you’ll have to spend time revising the article you paid for. Many Guest Post sellers will also place orders for writing on Fiverr.

Professional writers may pick from numerous top-selling writing jobs on Fiverr.


You may hire a skilled screenwriter to create the narration for your educational video, film, or documentary on Fiverr.

Examine the work description carefully to verify your order meets your requirements and your budget.


Authors and scriptwriters may connect with professional editors on Fiverr. You may hire copy editors or developmental editors to review your work.

Editor jobs on Fiverr pay well, but they are time-sensitive, unlike many other popular tasks.

The quicker you edit, the more you can charge your customers. On Fiverr, the highest-rated proofreaders and editors finish tasks in less than 24 hours.

Legal Writing

Writing isn’t always about innovation. Lawyers charge a lot on Fiverr to write papers and contracts for customers.

If you’re building an eCommerce site, Fiverr can handle your legal papers. This includes the T&Cs and privacy policies.

4.    WordPress

Wordpress Development

Website creation is a must in every Fiverr job list. On the platform, it pays well. Website builders charge from $100 and $5,000 for each job.

The greatest thing about hiring website developers from Fiverr is the variety. You may acquire WordPress, CMS, SquareSpace, or Wix developers.

Using Fiverr’s many vendors may be more productive than hiring an in-house developer.

For developers, Fiverr has the whole package. Customizing, adding plug-ins, testing, and repairing the site are typical tasks. A two-page website may charge up to $3000 for complete services.

You may sell part-time jobs like bug-fixing and customization on the site. A skilled web developer can solve most blog problems since most blog owners lack technical expertise.

You may charge $20 for 10 minutes of website work.

You may even charge a premium for your openness and effort by detailing the issue and how you resolved it.

5.    Voice Over

Voice Over

Do you have a great voice that others recognize?

No, you are not needed to become a member of a band to convert your talent into profit. Instead, you might pursue a career as a voice-over artist.

Don’t see the possibilities in that particular career path? In the first place, the level of competition is not very high.

Additionally, it seems that these individuals work well together since the costs are kept at a very reasonable level across the board for the most part.

Now, I understand that reading 23 pages is a lot for a voice-over artist to do, but believe me when I say that I was not expecting this to happen.


That’s all for my list of the top Fiverr services for buyers. Fiverr is a rapidly expanding marketplace with an endless supply of talent and skillsets. But SEO Services are top of the list nowadays and In SEO, Backlinks are a highly trusted Services on Fiverr.

Many sellers on Fiverr are doing a great job. But Cannolinks do some amazing job and he is trusted as well. He provide me with extra work without any cost. Must-Try!

Adding value to your customers is the key to success on Fiverr. I’ve observed that a happy customer helps a merchant in the marketplace.

A disgruntled one may also sabotage your achievement.

Buyers must pay before employing anybody on the site. If a quote seems too good to be true, it usually is. Remember that you get what you pay for.

These are the top-selling jobs on Fiverr to watch out for if you want to make additional cash or outsource excellent services.

Author: Ozziilinks

Ozziilinks a valued contributor on Vents Magazine a Google News Approved site. I love to provide the latest news to my viewers and sharing knowledge about interesting facts on different topics.

About Ozziilinks

Ozziilinks a valued contributor on Vents Magazine a Google News Approved site. I love to provide the latest news to my viewers and sharing knowledge about interesting facts on different topics.