The most interesting ideas for a stag party

Getting married can be a very stressful experience for some people. In order to relax before this important event, stag parties are very popular. If you are organizing such an evening for your buddy and have no ideas how to make it unforgettable – we invite you to read this article. You will find suggestions for the craziest bachelor party ideas.

Rabid Dog Chase

If you are looking for a fun activity that provides a lot of adrenaline then try with your friends to escape from a specially trained dog! Team up and try to escape the dog. The person who gets caught is out of the race. The one who can avoid the dog the longest wins.

Oil Wrestling

For all those who are not afraid of funny and bizarre games an interesting idea for a stag party can be oil wrestling. This is entertainment for people who are not afraid of power sports. The groom-to-be himself joins a group of girls who make these fun wrestling activities more interesting.

Imagine a pool filled with baby oil, attractive girls and arm wrestling competitions. Good fun is guaranteed! This kind of partying is popular in Krakow, for example. In this city there are many event companies that organize such stag parties –

Vodka tasting

Coming to a bachelor party in Poland you can not forget about vodka tasting. Polish vodka is known all over the world, so it’s definitely worth a try. There are numerous tours organized, where you can learn about the history of this alcohol, its types, and there is an opportunity to try traditional snacks on the occasion. This tasting puts everyone in a very party mood.

Wrestling Stags

Everyone has seen a wrestling fight at least once in their life. It is an interesting experience to take part in such fights under the guidance of an instructor. Such a session lasts from 2 to 4 hours and starts with training. After learning the right moves and strokes, participants can have a tournament where they fight each other.

The future groom and his friends will be given traditional wrestling outfits so they can feel like real wrestlers and get a feel for the atmosphere.

Beer Bike

The perfect combination of enjoyment and physical activity is the beer bike. Just imagine a vehicle where you have access to beer all the time, and have the opportunity to ride an amazing bike. The participant will ride a custom made bicycle that includes a beer bar. Behind the wheel sits a guide who tells interesting stories about Krakow during the tour.

Bubble Football

Bubble football is a fun way to have a bachelor party. Participants must use their gym equipment in the form of large, inflatable balls. It is a mixture of zorbing and five-a-side soccer. The contestants put the gym balls on top of each other and start the match!

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Then they run, play games, and clash with rivals. It sounds childish, but it is an activity that provides a lot of entertainment. Depending on your needs, it can be held on a soccer field or in a gymnasium. It is quite exciting watching the participants knocking each other down.

Beer spa

This interesting way to have a bachelor party is common in Budapest. For a fee of £40, two people can share one bath. However, a minimum of six people are needed to host this bachelor party. All of them must be of legal age.

During this 45-minute session, the groomsmen team arrives at the beer spa where they are greeted by a guide. There, they must jump into the tub and cool off in the thermal water. While relaxing, they sample several types of beer. The spa water contains minerals and vitamins, which helps the groom relax before his own wedding.

Tandem Parachuting

For those who love adrenaline, this is the perfect activity. An exciting experience that does not require special training. You can dive with a certified, experienced instructor. The jump takes up to 15 minutes, depending on the altitude the company offers.

When you jump, after a usually shorter period of freefall, the instructor will open the parachute and then you can admire the landscape from above for a while, which is an amazing experience.


Organizing a bachelor party is no small feat. Many people find it complicated to organize such an event, but fortunately, there are many event companies that provide all sorts of activities. More and more popular are bachelor parties, where you try unusual entertainment, which most people do not have the opportunity to experience on a daily basis. The last days before the wedding are the perfect time to enjoy this kind of entertainment.

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