Madden 22: How To Choose The Best Team Captain For Ultimate Team? Better Player Cards Are Worth More MUT Coins

Madden 22 is in full swing, many gamers are devoting their ambitions to the journey of Madden Ultimate Team, Madden 22 Coins will undoubtedly play an important role.

The first step in creating a team is to choose a captain who can boost team chemistry and help you build your theme teams. In the beginning, the captain was 85 OVR and can be upgraded to 89 later.

Benefits of the team captain

* 3x team chemistry

* Can equip NFL team chemistry

* Can upgrade from 85 to 89 OVR

* Each Ability costs 5 Training to unlock

* Each Superstar X-Factor Ability is 10 Training to unlock

Team Captains in MUT 22

Jack Youngblood (LE)


Jack Youngblood is an excellent Left End, although this position is not that fun in MUT, as the season develops, you will focus on him because you will want specific WRs and RBs. You can put him on your defensive line. As the season progresses, he comes into play. He may not even be on the field, but you can benefit from the team chemistries.

John Lynch (SS)

He is one of the best overall strong safeties, but not a speedy player. And this year’s Ultimate Champion is SS Kam Chancellor, so he seems to be better than John Lynch. In the latter part of the MUT season, a safety player who is faster than Lunch will be better, and safeties are interchangeable, so players like FS Trevon Moehrig are worth considering.

Shaun Alexander (RB)

Alexander is arguably the worst choice among team captains. He is an outstanding card with good stats in all aspects, but running back is an important position in the team, and being stuck with a captain is not a good choice. Buying a good running back with MUT Coins would be a better choice. The free internet game/quiz is also worthy for the users looking for free internet. You can access the free internet quiz from this website to claim daily internet for free.

Lance Alworth (WR)

He is a very solid card, and his 88 speed (89 OVR) can compete with some of the fastest receivers. He is a route runner archetype with close to the highest-speed speed makes him a very attractive player card.

How to choose a team captain in MUT 22?

In the early MUT, Lance Alworth and Shaun Alexander were good choices. They are the best players in their respective positions, and you can test their X-Factors and abilities. Exchanging captains throughout the season is allowed, so it makes sense to choose a captain early in the season.

Choosing Alworth or Alexander in the early stage and then switching to Youngblood is a viable strategy. If you are very picky about wide receivers and running backs, then Youngblood is the right choice from the beginning.

Final Words

It is now at the beginning of the season, but many gamers seem to be prepared for it early, many of them choose to MUT Coins just to dominate the game earlier. But because the Auction House was locked, many gamers’ plans were disrupted.

If your account is one of them, don’t worry. After the review is over, you can still come to to buy cheap MUT 22 Coins you need. The following are the specifics purchasing steps, which are for your reference.

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