Jodie Jay invites you to the ultimate party in new single “Dream Party”

Jodie Jay sounds like she’s been doing this for years, and, in a way, she has. She was born into a family of entertainers, and she was determined from a young age to make her voice heard. She wrote the song – and others like it – long ago, and has been refining her sound and delivery ever since. At 17, she’s decided that the time is right, and the world is ready, and we’re pretty sure she’s about to be rewarded for her patience. She’s fused throwback disco, eighties new wave, classic nineties R&B, and modern dance music and fitted it all to a beat that is guaranteed to get the dancefloor moving. “Dream Party” is the sort of assured, impeccably performed, and energetically sung track that a fan might expect to get from an established R&B singer in the midst of her career. Jodie is only getting started and the music world can hardly wait.


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