DC Native Vin Mack completes the ultimate act of God in new single “I Need You Lord”

From a young age D.C. native Vin Mack has always known what he wanted to do. Ever since he was a young boy he knew he dreamed of becoming a singer and that dream has become a reality. It wasn’t until an internship with BET in the 90s when he realized his true calling. Since that internship he’s become an anointed secular singer and has been doing the ultimate acts of God through his music. Through his music he’s spread wisdom and hope to all who listen. His latest single “I Need You Lord” is the latest and greatest under this artists’s belt. The song is filled with gentle piano chords and Vin’s powerful voice as he speaks about hope and wisdom. As the song continues Vin’s beautiful vocals continue to grow. It’s a song about bringing hope and encouragement to all those who listen to it.


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