The Optimised Evolution Of An SEO Company

Today, many believe an SEO company is only capable of a singular function. They may think the sole responsibility of these companies is to optimise your website for search engines and boost its ranking, nothing more, nothing less – that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Today’s modern marketing practices require more than just organic traffic – they need a cohesive strategy across all channels. This includes social media campaigns, paid advertising, content creation, email marketing and other digital tactics in order to capture leads and convert them into customers. All of this requires extensive knowledge about web design/development, branding strategies, graphic design principles as well as understanding how each channel interacts with one another (and even offline marketing).

That’s where an SEO company can come in handy, they have to wear many hats in the arena of their competitors as each SEO company you encounter has a trick up its sleeve when it comes to standing out from the crowd.

Covering All Bases

An SEO Company will endeavour to increase organic search ranking of course, but they also manage and monitor all related activities.

This means, they will conduct competitor analysis to find out where you sit in the grand scheme of things as well as inform their strategies on who your competitors are (and what keywords they rank for). This enables them to provide insights into which organic tactics should be applied first and foremost.

In addition, an SEO company offers a lot more than just traditional services such as link building (although these are still used), keyword research & optimisation, social media marketing and web analytics – among others.

As mentioned earlier, many companies have now started providing this holistic approach by offering other digital marketing channels like PPC/Paid Advertising Management (e.g., Facebook Ads) which are increasingly more diverse in terms of customisation and reach capability.

Classic Tactics To The Digital Realm

An SEO company is also a shepherd of sorts, bringing the classic modes of thinking in traditional advertising and marketing to the internet. Optimisation is about understanding the consumer journey and those who work in an SEO company are experts at this – taking a holistic approach to advertising, marketing and selling.

Experts know that as consumers start their research on what they’re looking for online, there will be many touch points before a sale or purchase occurs; from social media channels like Facebook & Instagram to Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) where users begin researching products/services of interest. Optimisation also allows marketers full access into these journeys via analytics tools such as Google Analytics and other proprietary platforms used by the agencies themselves.

Through these analytical programs, an SEO company can effectively utilise decades of rhetoric and have unprecedented access to real-time results in terms of campaign efficacy and general reception of new changes to a campaign.

While this can lead to micro-management, the transparency that is created through these programs gives a fresh perspective and a new edge in an ever-changing landscape.

The Future Of Marketing Online

While an SEO company is not as rare as it once was, they’ll still have their time to shine. They are becoming an integral part of the marketing landscape, and even more so as time goes on. With the concept itself constantly changing to meet demands imposed by Google’s algorithm changes, it will be increasingly difficult for a singular entity to truly stay ahead. Agencies need each other in order to survive in this ever-changing digital world and provide quality service that is necessary today.

An SEO company isn’t going anywhere anytime soon – but they may become less relevant over time if their scope doesn’t expand outwards into all facets of modern marketing practices. Without staying current with how consumers interact online, what platforms are available and how these can impact your business’ overall performance, the established SEO company could find themselves left behind as time goes on, or simply morphing and changing into another beast altogether.

One thing is certain, the notion of marketing is not going anywhere.

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