Ramadan Giveaway by Sami Mukahhal – A Step Towards Spreading Happiness

Ramadan, the month of spiritual reflection, self-improvement, heightened devotion, and worship, was not celebrated like it used to be earlier- in the usual course of things this year. The fasting month of Muslims arrived when the world was suffering from the peak of the pandemic. During the holy month, people sat at home, following the COVID restrictions, and hoping for better health for people and society.

Many brands and companies took the initiative to help and care for others as a corporate social responsibility. People launched campaigns to show their efforts for the frontline workers. Meals were being distributed to the underprivileged, and prayers were offered to spread peace and happiness. Sami Mukahhal, one such very engaging and inspiring social media influencer from Lebanon, decided to come up with the idea of giving back to society in the holy month of Ramadan.

The giveaway-

On April 15th, 2021, Sami hosted a Ramadan giveaway on his Instagram page.

To win, you had to answer the following trivia question-

“In the Quran, Yusuf (AS) kept dealing with something. It is something we all deal with every single day. What is it?”

The answer to the trivia was: Prophet Yusuf (AS) kept dealing with different personalities, something we all deal with every day.

Over 3,500 people answered the trivia question by posting their answers to the video, which received almost 128,000 views.

The announcement stated that three (3) winners would each receive $200 each.

On April 21, 2021, three winners of the trivia were announced, and they received their prizes and rewards.

Sami’s service to the community was appreciated and loved by many people as they were attracted and impressed by the tricky question he asked for the giveaway.

Happiness in today’s world-

Many people nowadays believe that one should be entirely free to do whatever one wants. They think that in the quest for happiness and tranquillity. There should be no law, stigma, or ill emotions for those who indulge in these gratifications. The belief is that complete independence will bring peace and contentment. Scientific research on happiness as a contagious condition states that – something that spreads among people has been relatively limited. Despite this, studies show that people can experience joy and happiness in communities, office buildings, and neighborhoods.

Sami Mukahhal’s view on spreading positivity-

Sami Mukahhal believes in spreading positivity and peace in society. He is the believer in the saying, “We all smile in the same language.” He believes that spreading positivity and making people smile is one of the most precious gifts a person can give.

Mukahhal is working as a cyber security consultant and has built a significant fan base on Instagram with 161,000 followers, comprising Lebanese people. His followers represent the popularity and recognition he has gained lately.

The most remarkable thing about him is his ability to make people laugh regardless of what is going on at the time. His mission in life has always been to share his gift of laughter, and he takes that job quite seriously.

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