Oscar-Nominated Actress Maria Bakalova Set to Star in Romantic Comedy “The Honeymoon”

For months now, everyone has been buzzing about up and coming actress Maria Bakalova and it’s easy to understand why: Smart and possessed of a series of deadpan comedic chops that would put a regular cast member of The Office to shame, this lithe thespian who hails from Bulgaria singlehandedly stole the veritable show in the sequel Borat Subsequent Moviefilm and walked out of that potential oater with an Oscar nomination to her name. Since then, many pop culture pundits, including ye olde yellow journalist, have prognosticated on what she could possibly undertake as her next project: Would a Shakespearean adaptation be in her immediate future, or perhaps a solid, understated turn in the new season of Bridgerton? We all waited impatiently for the indicator of what substantive and weighty material might await our budding talent. Today, courtesy of our Merchant Ivory muchachos over at The Hollywood Reporter, the answer has finally arrived and, honestly, it should come as no real surprise to anyone: Rather than a ponderous ode to Tolstoy, the actress who got so much recognition from her comedic turn in Borat will be returning to the Land of Whimsy and Laughter in the upcoming romantic comedy The Honeymoon.

So, what’s The Honeymoon about and why will seeing it improve your life for the better? Excellent questions these, and we have some answers for you lucky players today: To wit, The Honeymoon is about a new blushing bride by the name of Sarah (essayed by Bakalova) who gets whisked off to honeymoon by her new hubby in the enchanting land of Venice. Flowers and wine and sultry Al Green tunes abound until the newlywed couple are suddenly besieged by the groom’s clingy best friend who takes it upon himself to crash the lovey-dovey proceedings. Life, huh?

In a press release regarding her new role in The Honeymoon, Bakalova said that “This film intrigued me because it’s an escapist comedy that puts a twist on the classic buddy movie format by including a strong female character, particularly from Eastern Europe. I think after almost two years of this pandemic, we’re all looking for something to lift our spirits and help us mentally escape our apartments. Very glad to be on the producing team of the film as well.”

The Honeymoon is set to be written and directed by Dean Craig of Death at a Funeral fame, with principal photography to begin next month in Rome and Venice.

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