DC FanDome Set to Unveil First Looks at “The Flash” and More

One of the interesting side-effects of the nearly two year global pandemic are how certain things that we’re all familiar with – the cinema, concert halls, going to the pub for a brew – have altered and shifted to make accommodations for this potentially deadly virus. Of course the above cited examples are but a few of the tried and the true tropes that have struggled to meet the times we’re in: Comic book conventions, too, have had to pivot from their in-person attendance model into a virtual experience that can presumably offer up the same content as its in-reality brethren. Of course, to an old sawhorse such as me, anything virtual is akin to eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich while still tucked in its Ziploc baggie. Anyhoo, DC FanDome was an event put into place last year in order to placate the throngs of fanboys and gals who usually set their four colored calendars to the start date of the San Diego Comic Con, a life-raft thrown to the fans by the overseers of Warner Brothers (or AT&T) (or Discovery) (or whomever is pulling the purse strings this month for DC Comics. Sigh.). The idea proved popular enough that, come this October according to our pedigree collecting aficionados over at The Hollywood Reporter, a new DC FanDome will be unveiled with tons of nifty surprises for all of us.

 What goodies can we expect, you may be asking yourselves: A new trailer for the highly anticipated The Batman has been promised to drop at the convention, as well as a sneak peek for The Flash film, teases for Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam flick as well as for James Gunn’s Peacemaker. Not enough for you, Dear and Constant Reader? Well, you can also look forward to previews for other DC awesomeness such as DC League of Super Pets, a behind the scenes look at the new Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom as well as the Shazam sequel that’s got tongues-a’waggin’ from Coast to Coast!

 In a press release announcing the October 16 one day event, Ann Sarnoff, the Big Wheel at WarnerMedia Studios and Networks Group said that “DC FanDome 2020 was a first-of-its-kind global virtual fan experience and showcased every aspect of the DC Universe with unprecedented scale and access. This year, we’re taking everything that people loved about DC FanDome and supercharging it to super-serve fans with even more exclusive first-looks, breaking news, in-depth interviews and insight from the stars and creative teams of their favorite DC content.”

You heard the lady, goldbrickers! Get those laptops warmed up and ready to go as October 16 glides towards us with another exciting installment of DC FanDome…Who knows, we might even get word – finally – about a new comic book project or two (say it with me, Ladies and Gents: “JSA…JSA…JSA…”)!

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