10 healthy tips for a responsible cat upbringing

Having a cat at your home can be one of the most rewarding experiences. It is obvious that taking care of any animal takes a lot of responsibility and takes up a lot of your time and effort. You have to be sure that you give them enough of everything but mostly love. If you happen to be a debutant pet parent then there’s a lot for you to learn and know. You must have wholesome knowledge regarding their parenting. Here are a few tips from Pawstro to help you look after your cute little furball well:

  1. Make your homes welcoming: Initially, you might observe that your cat might prefer staying alone for hours, behave weird, or even hideaway and prefer solitude. We suggest you give them some alone time and do not force them to play with you or be around you.

    Since cats take a lot of time to get friendly in a new space and between new people, you should respect it as long as they finally find it safe. Make sure you let them be free, arrange very comfortable bedding for them. You can place a small bed with a soft small cushion and a blanket for them to sleep like a baby all curled up in their customized bed for hours.
  1. Cats love grooming: This is the best way to bond well with your cats is to make sure you groom them daily. Take them for frequent showers, comb and brush their hair nicely, trim them well so that it stops them from swallowing the hair already left dead on them. This will not only give them a smarter and healthier look but also save them from a loop of coughing.

    Keep their grooming session short and sweet, you should go ahead with building their tolerance first and then you can increase the minutes gradually. This will also help you to see if they are going through any changes on their body i.e lumps, bumps, spots etc.
  1. Place a scratching post for your cat: Very often, you will find your cat scratching herself at almost any place. This is very normal for them to do and it is a part of their behaviour. So, don’t be surprised if you catch them doing so. There is no way you can throw this habit out of them.

    However, to avoid them from scratching through any surface at your home and catching up on infection, you can place a scratching post especially for them. Train them well to understand that the post will be their go-to place to feel better.
  1. Tie ID Tag around their neck: Our fur babies tend to be over-enthusiastic and aggressive at times. Especially when it comes to cats, they might run away from your houses many times and end up getting lost in an unknown street. To be on the safer side of not losing your cat, tie an ID tag around their neck with your phone number neatly tagged along. In this way, whenever your cat wanders away and meets a stranger, you can be rung and reached easily.
  1. Regular vet visits: Find a vet for your feline who can look after their vaccines and treatments very efficiently. You can categorize these vaccines well and keep a regular check so that your furball doesn’t land into any trouble.

    This is crucial when they are a baby, you can end up taking them to the vet only once a year. This will protect them from rabies, respiratory diseases, other viruses, distemper etc.
  1. Play with them often: When your kitten is between 4-8 weeks of age, especially at that time, do play a lot of games with them. Be it indoor or outdoor games. This will make them socially active slowly and will help a lot in the long run.

    In this way, they will interact more with humans and other fellow pets. This will allow the strangers to befriend them easily and pet them, which will take away this usual fear of cats.
  1. Stick to some kitten rules: Set some ground rules for your kitties. This will keep them away from unnecessary habits. However, if you find them misbehaving a lot, you should give them lots of attention, care and play a lot with them. Understand their behavior and avoid playing or making them used to any rough activity, this can turn them into aggressive cats when they grow up.
  1.  High-Quality Cat food: Be it anyone, pets or humans, nutritious food is what keeps us going. Pets, for that matter, are very sensitive and their diet should be taken complete care of. Consult your vet and opt only for the best quality food that suits your kitty.

    For a rapid growth rate increase along with energy levels, it is a must. According to some studies, it is said that kittens grow up the most in the first 20 weeks from their birth, after the 25th-26th week, the growth starts leaving off so you should set the dietary rules for your baby kitty accordingly.
  1. Make them used to teeth cleaning: Did you know that your cats can develop bad teeth easily? They can get tartar, gum disease, tooth decay and other sorts of bacteria on their teeth.

    This might turn into something dangerous if not taken care of well since these bacteria can enter into the bloodstream and can cause many other feline diseases. So, make it a habit that you brush their teeth daily and sometimes, you can even take them to their vet for a perfect tooth cleaning.
  1. Place litter boxes around: To teach your cats to dump their waste in the litter boxes can be a task, but it will surely be worth it. Once you train them well, you won’t have to worry about any litter around your house. Cats are fast learners and since they love hygienic environments, they won’t disappoint you. So you can place at least 2-3 litter boxes around your homes. Clean them from time to time. This will help you to understand if your cat is going through any sort of infection, particularly urine or stool in the body or not.

By following these tips regularly and wisely, we are sure that you will win over the heart of your cat and help them stay healthy for long. Cats surely do make great pets. Being softer, gentle and lazier than any other pet makes them an ideal low maintenance pet. Hence it is highly suitable for working professionals as well.

When you plan to get a kitty home, you can try to capture the beautiful moment in a painting and hang it on your walls in the form of digital pet portraits as one of the sweetest memories of your life.

Pawstro understands how much it takes to make your little pawsitive buddies comfortable around you and other beings. Try to praise them as much as possible, play with them as often as you can. But yes, at the end of the day, you will have to do all this according to the schedule of your cats and as per their convenience!

We hope you create the best of memories with your cats and make pawstro a part of your beautiful journey.

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