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Web 3 is Here. And it is Decentralized!

The internet that we use nowadays is a centralized system. In this system, websites and applications run with the help of servers. Here, a central point is available to control all the working and failures also. Web 3.0 is another stage of the internet evaluation, i.e., dWeb (decentralized web). In this system, the websites and applications run across a networks of connected computers. This system is more secure because no single point is vulnerable, because not a single entity is controlling things.

Therefore, it is obvious that dWeb is more secure as compared to web 2.0. The only reason behind its security is state-of-the-art distribution of data and the utilization of encryption features. The other best aspect is its use of open-source technology which means the transparency is assured. Moreover, some components of dWeb are being used, but many are under the development phase.

Before moving towards the dWeb guide, make sure that it is not a “Dark Web”. We all are scared of listening to all the fake and irrelevant stories about Dark Web. We are also aware of the fact that many illegal activities are performed with the dark web, and the government is also striving (failed) to control this area.

What is the structure of dWeb & how is it different from other web set-ups?

As you know, different types of hosting computers host the internet that we are using right now.  All these servers make it possible for us to access our favorite websites, content and everything we need. However, a small number of high-rich organizations own these servers. That is the primary problem of today’s internet servers and we can’t totally rely on the internet these days.

In addition, when we are found ourserlves helpless and unsafe, dWeb is one of the best systems introduced to us—getting access to dWeb means to feel secure even on the internet. For dWeb, an inclusive package is available that will make you more interested in dWeb. We assure you will get decentralized websites, apps, finance networks, and many more if you go for dWeb platform.

Now a question arises here, why should you switch to dWeb? Is your network creating any type of problem for you? The expected answer is no! However, why dWeb?

Let us tell you more about it. This system is more secure as compared to today’s internet servers. According to us, it is best for those people who have huge number of assets, essential data, and running big corporations. Here, the dWeb provides you an ultimate security, and the reason for its high security is its distribution of data on the internet. Recalling that not even a single element is vulnerable in terms of security. Also, the data is scattered that makes it much safer presently.

Why is a Decentralized web needed?

To understand the decentralized web’s concept and working system, we need to look at today’s internet. As many of us are aware of the concept of e-commerce. We love to buy the product quickly by sitting on the sofa back having a cup of tea. Do you ever think, is it safer or not? Yes! I am asking you…

Buying a product does not mean only paying for the product, but keep in mind that you are also sharing some of your personal information with them. Therefore, this data means to provide all the relevant products and your data. This also makes things easier for you to buy different products. At present, it is also observed that all this data is not private and used by others in many ways. In fact, big and well-known brands are exploiting your data. It is hard to save it with web 2.0 because your applications and websites run from servers in this system. A single central point is available and also vulnerable to control and manage failure. In short, it is highly insecure from all the aspects.

The dWeb is needed to save the data because all the information in this system is distributed (at different sites), and no single point is vulnerable from all the control threads. This is the only difference between web 2.0.

The future internet is all about the reflection of its users. Servers do not influence that different private organizations operators. Also, the future of the web is all about people who can own the internet and decide what should be allowed and what’s not.

How to access dWeb?

Now many of you must want to check how to get access to dWeb. For this, here I am sharing some of the basic steps.

Step 1: Choose a browser (you can’t use any browser)

One of the recommended browsers for accessing dWeb is “Opera”. This browser is also suitable for mobile browsing and works fine with iOS and Android.

Step 2: Find dWebsites 

For finding dWebsites, you can quickly get help from the dWeb Guide directory and easily search for live decentralized websites.

Step 3: Sharing with friends

After exploring, you can share the link of dWeb (websites), applications and support of this new security system.

Final Verdict

The main reason for accessing dWeb or web 3.0 is its unparallel security. If you are using today’s internet, you may agree and must experience that your data is not unsafe. Therefore, people having bigger organizations and sensitive data holders are at high risk of continuing their online business through web 2.0.

The dWeb is one of the safest systems because no single entity is responsible for the control. Your data is spread all around, which makes it more secure from hackers and other common exploitations. The dWeb is the evolution of the internet because of its safety and other excellent features. One can easily access the dWeb (websites), dApps and can also share it with your friends. People need to understand dWeb and guide their friends and family about this intelligent decentralized websites system. The directories of decentralized websites are available with all instructions that one can easily follow.

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