The Importance Of Compression Garments After Liposuction

A patient needs to abide by certain guidelines before liposuction and after. Some people pay more attention to pre-operative care than post-operative. Yet, both pre-operative care and post-operative are of equal importance. The general outcome of liposuction surgery will also be determined by your efforts to take care of yourself post-surgery and your practice of the doctor’s instructions.

One of the important rules that you have to follow is the use of ContourMD compression garments after liposuction. You still have to wear them even when you go through more modern, non-surgical, and less invasive liposuction procedures. They are useful for faster healing and recovery. They prevent the treated area from getting infected and help to minimize the swelling caused by liposuction.

Patients who strictly adhere to the aftercare rules after their liposuction procedure usually experience fewer problems while recovering and tend to be happier with the outcome of their liposuction in general. Most times, one of the key rules that physicians give post liposuction is that compression garments should be worn throughout the first few weeks after surgery.

Now what are these compression garments, how are they worn, and what is the length of time you are required to wear them? We will look into all the details about compression garments in this post and explain how important they are to liposuction recovery and successful results.

Why Are Compression Garments Important?

Medical compression garments are quite unlike Spanks or tight socks that marathon runners wear. This is advanced, high-tech recovery wear that is made specifically to help patients with faster healing and to ensure that liposuction results come out as best as possible. Using compression garments appropriately after your liposuction procedure is probably the surest way you can get an enhanced body contour.

Failure to wear compression garments will expose you to more bruising and swelling, lax skin, and leaves you looking dimpled or wrinkled.

Overview Of Compression Garments

Medical compression garments are constructed using synthetic fabrics like nylon or lycra which are strong but flexible. They are constructed in such a way that there is room for progressive, multi-directional stretch, while pressure is maintained over the treatment area.

There are various sizes of compression garments to fit all sizes of bodies and different body parts. You may go home with more than one compression garment for the chin, neck, breasts, arms, abdomen, or legs, according to the liposuction procedure you have done.

The right fit will only feel snug and not be painful. As the swelling reduces over time, your doctor may have you wear several sizes to adjust pressure.

What Is The Role Of Compression Garments In Liposuction Recovery

Compression garments allow a more comfortable recovery and also ensure faster healing by reducing swells and bruises. Essentially, they help your body conform to its new contour, thereby improving the result of your liposuction procedure.

When compression garments are used appropriately during liposuction recovery, they help to:

Minimize Swelling

Following liposuction recovery, fluids will be produced in your body and these can accumulate and become stagnant, leading to swellings that cause discomfort. Compression garments apply uniform, consistent pressure on the area of your surgery, thereby preventing the accumulation of fluids and reducing the level of swelling.

Minimize Bruising

The blood vessels right under your skin experience trauma from liposuction and as blood comes up to the surface of the skin, it can result in bruising. Compression garments prevent blood from rising to the surface of the skin, thus helping to minimize the appearance of bruises.

Reduce Scarring

The incisions made during liposuction are tiny and well concealed, so scars are usually minimal. Nevertheless, compression garments reduce the scars even further by exerting pressure over the incision area so that the skin is flat and smooth.

Prevent Formation of Edema

Liposuction procedure involves the removal of fat from under the skin and on top of the muscle, which will create a space for the build-up and accumulation of fluids. Accumulation of fluids in this area leads to lumps known as edema. Compression garments keep this space at a minimum by clamping the skin towards the muscle so that there is little possibility of fluid accumulation.

Reduce Pain or Discomfort

Many patients have reported that compression garments gave them a sense of security after their procedure, and allowed easier movement in the initial stages of recovery. Compression garments are capable of reducing pain, improving posture, and promoting tender care of the body part on which your liposuction was carried out.

If you experience pain instead of relief as a result of your compression garments, ask your doctor to provide a garment that fits better.

Improve Final Result

Compression garments may not feel like the best thing to wear, but they will surely improve your final results. Due to the supportive compression, your skin does not become wrinkled or lax and there is better skin retraction for a tighter, enhanced contour.

For How Long Should You Wear Compression Garments?

Once your liposuction surgery is done, your doctor will have the required compression garments fitted on you. These garments are to be worn all day throughout the first six weeks, to be removed only when you’re going to bathe or wash.

Your doctor will check how fast you are recovering within the next three weeks and observe the degree of your swelling. A smaller garment may be recommended to adjust to less swelling.

In most cases, compression garments are worn for 6 weeks. The duration for which yours should be worn will be determined by the details of your liposuction procedure, the amount of fat removed, and your own pace of healing.

What Is The Ideal Fit For Compression Garments?

The right fit should feel snug. You shouldn’t wear compression garments that are too tight or too bulky. Though they may feel rather uncomfortable when starting out and you are still getting adjusted to the compression, there should not be too much pain or restriction.

The fit of your compression garment will change as your swelling lessens. So as not to compromise their effectiveness, you should ensure that your garments are adjusted as required throughout the recovery period.

What Is The Implication Of Not Wearing Compression Garments?

Compression garments offer a lot more benefits than risks when they are fitted properly. Your recovery period may be prolonged if you do not wear compression garments. Also, you may experience a more painful healing process and end up with results that don’t meet your expectations.

ContourMD compression garments play a significant role in skin tightness and smooth post-liposuction body contour. Wear them for the period recommended by your doctor for optimal results.

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