Should You Dress Up to WFH?

This past year and a half has dramatically altered how we go about our day-to-day activities. As a result, businesses have had to adapt by introducing remote working arrangements for employees. The adoption of work-from-home arrangements means employees no longer have to adhere to typical office dress codes. Fashion experts and psychologists agree that dress codes can significantly influence mood and motivation while at work. This piece shares tips on the best WFH outfits for productivity.

Keeping It casual

With flexible working arrangements, you no longer have to go through the tedious routine of getting up early, settling on what to wear, and catching your ride to work. However, psychology experts argue that these routines go a long way in programming our minds to focus while at work. Wearing pajamas all day can lead to a dip in energy levels by giving the impression that you’re not really at work. Instead, yoga pants paired with a t-shirt or nice top can do the trick. Alternatively, leggings or high waist sweatpants paired with an oversized button-down cardigan can get you relaxed and ready to take on the world.

Dressing up for the home office

Despite the work from home arrangements, you might occasionally be required to appear on video for client zoom calls or other online meet-ups. For such situations, you might need to switch up your dress code to ensure you appear professional without compromising your comfort. While it may be odd to rock the full boardroom attire while working from home, you can try a transitional outfit such as a blazer over a basic blouse for those zoom calls.

However, some women prefer to dress up altogether to maintain their daily routine and set up the perfect tone for work. Fashion experts highlight that business clothing makes people feel more competent and motivated for work. For such people, wearing something closer to a complete office attire helps preserve a sense of control which is essential in minimizing anxiety. Get creative by pairing your favorite jeans with a blazer over a blouse or T-shirt to ensure your look is both functional yet fashionable.

Dressing for your mood

The beauty of fashion is that you can customize it to mirror your mood for the day. This flexibility can be pretty helpful, especially now with the uncertainty that still remains in our world. Outfits and apparel can be a source of comfort for many women. On days when your motivation is low, scour your closet for something that brightens your mood.

Latest trends in WFH attires

Colors are a great way to express yourself through your daily attire. Rocking warm colors such as yellow, orange, or bright green is perfect for setting a cheerful mood. Cooler shades such as blue and dark greens can be super relaxing, allowing you to slow things down. Turn on the style by incorporating a few accessories to compliment your overall look. For example, a butterfly claw clip can add glitter to your attire while also serving the purpose of keeping your hair from your face as you work. Wool socks are another popular option to keep you warm and cozy on cold and chilly days.

Besides work, women often have to play many other roles, from babysitting to house chores. With that said, it helps to choose an outfit that delivers on comfort and style without compromising on functionality.

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