French Music Composer Holeg Spies Engulfs the World by Creating Art

“Music once admitted to the soul becomes a sort of spirit and never dies.”
Edward Bulwer Lytton

When there is passion, perseverance, and the drive to achieve, it gives way to the will to succeed. There is a high chance that an individual can accomplish all their set goals, given they are consistent in their efforts – consistency is key. French music composer and producer Holeg Spies, a firm believer in the power of ‘consistent’ efforts, is blessing the music industry for the last 25 years with his electronic music. Spies, born on February 11th, 1973, is known for creating a music duo with Patrick Savage with the name of Savage and Spiesthat created the soundtrack for the cult classic film The Human Centipede (First Sequence). Spies’s contributions to the music featured in The Outsider and Apartment 407, a Raindance film festival laureate, is worth bringing into the limelight. Spies has studied law in Paris in the early 90s and is part of the first generation in France to enjoy techno music.

How determination transpires into success?

When individuals begin to see the world through a perspective, keeping an end goal in mind, they are more than willing to put in the hard work and effort to maximize outcomes.  By 1994, Spies was a DJ and involved in the ‘raves’ scene. By exploring his skills as a DJ, Spies learned that he had the skill to captivate and mesmerize the crowd. After hosting a series of raves, Spies went on to join Outsoon, a French DJ booking creator, on a trip to India and was joined by Jeff Mills to bring the first-ever official electronic musical tour there. Spies picked up on what kind of music moves the crowd and began composing and producing with vigor. In 1996, Spies introduced how intermixing different musical genres can elevate a soundtrack that he still pursues today.

Spies has remained determined and resolute throughout his journey to pursue music as an art that impacts the world. Spies has embarked on many adventures to explore and experiment with his creativity which has benefited him tremendously. By making soundtracks that are inspired by unconventional and modern techniques, Spies has set the bar high. Spies has produced soundtracks that evoke feelings in an individual by adapting the skill to innovate and create music that is different from the rest. Spies plays around the theme of psychedelic, industrial rock, electronic and symphonic genres and sticks to creating music that resonates and creates a movement. Spies has managed a division of the Omnisonus (BMG/Polygram) label that mainly caters to techno music. In the early 2000s, Spies produced audiovisual avantgarde creations leading to recognition from the masses.

Innovate and create

When an individual has creative flair, there needs to be a determination to proceed with it with energy and vigor. Spies has been persistent with his work and uses his motivation to maintain the standard of his work. Spies’ work has been showcased in the Paris Pompidou Centre and worldwide in Japan, the USA, and Switzerland. British group Juno Reactor which contributed to the soundtrack of the Matrix film series routinely invited Spies to perform in Japan. In 2001, when Spies was in Japan for a performance, he met Takashi Miike, the first filmmaker that Spies worked with. Ichi the Killer was made by Miike, and Spies made an audiovisual remix for it, which went to get recognition and appreciation from all over the world. Also, Spies composed the music for the trailer of The Hitcher; a film remade and produced by Michael Bay.

In 2007, Spies met Patrick Savage, an Australian violinist, and they formed Savage and Spies, which moved to different productions one by one to create music that moved the soul. Axis Mundi, which translates to the axis of the world, is Spies’ sixth album that he has released to ignite a desire to travel the world in his listeners.  With Axis Mundi, Spies want to give the message that travel is a blessing that should be explored and carried out with enthusiasm. As society is engulfed in being modern and adapting to newer techniques to move ahead, there needs to be a point that grounds a person and makes them appreciate their surroundings. Instead of being stuck in a loop, there needs to be a conscious effort to evolve, create and innovate. Spies wants his listeners to experience the music and commence a journey that allows them to ponder and connect with their innermost feelings.

an icon, a legend

When the world is hit with an icon, they tend to get awestruck, fascinated and begin to follow them as they lead. Spies has been a true inspiration to all those who believe there is a chance to create history with their talent. With more and more accolades under his name, Spies has transpired all his energy into getting success. By beginning to believe in himself, Spies brought forward music that has brought a ripple effect in the world. People who want to pursue their love for techno music can take inspiration from Spies. He has singlehandedly created and produced compositions that have instigated the kind of music that one can relate to. As the world is moving forward and is in a hurry to move on, compositions by Spies are timeless and can be heard and played at all times.

Spies has created a benchmark for those who have the determination and skill to achieve more and more. By continuing to pursue his passion, Spies had shown the world that having the resolution to keep pushing boundaries and being limitless can achieve results beyond an individual’s expectations. With dedication, Spies has created music that is followed by listeners from all over the world. As Spies moves ahead, he has planned to keep releasing music that is relatable and introduces a sense of belonging in the listener’s heart and mind. Spies has been a true inspiration for those who want to achieve brilliance and explore their art.

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