Things that boy should know about Punjabi girl

Punjabi girls are strong, warm and funny, but also super emotional and completely bubbly at heart! If you are going to engage a Punjabi girl from a Punjabi matrimonial site, here are some things you should definitely know about them!

  • She has lots of love in her heart: there is no halfway for her. She either loves you a lot or not at all. They are no grey zone as far as love is concerned. Only white or black!
  • She adores the whole family: so even though she has a marvellous sense of humour, think thrice before cracking a joke about her family! Punjabi girls love them to bits and would never accept anyone saying anything negative or bad about them, that’s why making her so special, though. She would always stand up for her near and dears.
  • Love to try something new every day: her enthusiasm for life makes her someone who is always up for trying new things! They may not always enjoy everything, in which case you will definitely know!
  • Food lover: Punjabi girls are the foodaholic, she has a unique taste for food and thoroughly enjoys eating! She definitely knew all the best places for food.
  • She is the centre of attraction at the party: party lover Punjabi girls love to meet people and spend time with their friends and have fun!
  • She never appreciates showing offs: she knew how to show the place. Surely she loves nice things and compliments but everything is the limit. She does not have any room for demeaning.
  • Huge self-respect: never ever heart Punjabi girl self-respect, by making her feel down as she cannot achieve something on her own. she wants to stand on her own feet and be her own person. she is a bold and independent girl controlling all their professional and personal accounts.
  • Mirch- Masala: every Punjabi girl loves to gossip and they are bestowed with the gift of exaggeration and she’s not afraid to flaunt it! After all, they are spice lovers, so why not put it on everything.

Some do’s and don’t for a guy to remember if marrying a Punjabi girl for the second time


  1. Surprises are the best thing to impress your second partner. During widow second marriage they already facing different things, in these gifts and surprises makes them comfortable and happy.
  2. Although they are very strong personalities, they are emotional and sensitive, you must know how to handle tantrums and emotions.


  1. Never be fake in your second marriage. On the other hand, never try to flaunt things that happened in your first marriage with your second partner. Be yourself and show your emotions.
  2. Always be a good-hearted man and do not do bad talks in front of her. Punjabi girls are straightforward so talk to them directly instead of shows signs and making faces. Take them on a coffee date and try talking to them.
  3. Never talk about older flights and forgiven things.

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