How to Clean Silver Jewelry

 Silver is a popular material for making jewelry. It is versatile, long-lasting, and beautiful. When choosing silver jewelry, you should be careful to choose genuine silver. It does not lose luster fast and is easy to clean and maintain. You may get high-quality Silver Jewelry from

When selecting the best quality, consider the following tips:

  • Ensure that the silver jewelry is authentic by performing some physical tests. Silver is not magnetic, and if a magnet attracts to silver jewelry, then it is not pure silver. It could be nickel or other kind of metal coated material. A sound test or rubbing the silver jewelry to see if it oxidizes to form black marks are other tests you may perform.
  • Review the specifications. Genuine silver jewelry may have specifications to indicate if they are sterling or EPNS. EPNS are coated with nickel and are of lower quality.
  • Pricing. High-quality silver jewelry costs more. Dealers of genuine silver products also rarely offer discounts.
  • Consult specialists in silver jewelry for appraisal to be sure that the metal is genuine silver
  • Purchase online from reputable silver jewelry dealers.

 Purchasing high-quality silver jewelry makes cleaning and maintenance easy. A few maintenance procedures below can help you to maintain the jewelry shiny and new.

 Silver jewelry maintenance tips

  • Avoid wearing the jewelry when going to shower or swimming
  • Exposing jewelry to body lotions and sprays can damage them, so you should wear them last
  • Store silver jewelry in a tarnish-repellent atmosphere.
  • Clean the jewelry regularly and follow the cleaning instructions and tips.

 How to Clean Silver Jewelry

 There are many ways to clean silver jewelry. We will review some of the best and easy ways to do it at home.

  1. Use silver polish

Using silver polish is the easiest way to clean silver jewelry. Choosing a high-quality silver polish will help you achieve your goals. Avoid silver polish with ammonia. It can tarnish your silver jewelry. The benefits of using silver polish are as follows;

  • Provides a long-lasting shine
  • Help to rejuvenate the silver to maintain a brilliant shine.
  • Provides silver jewelry with a protective coating to avoid scratch
  • You may use the polish on all silver products in your home. It can polish silver antiques, silver platters, and other silver, gold, copper, or brass items.

 Through reviews online, or from social media platforms, referrals, and references from friends and family, or research online, you can identify a good silver polish brand.

2.         DIY methods of cleaning silver jewelry

 You may opt for any of the following methods to clean and remove tarnish from your jewelry. Cleaning the jewelry regularly also helps prevent bacteria build-up that can lead to skin infections.

·         Use aluminum foil and baking soda or any laundry detergent

Aluminum foil is effective for cleaning off slight tarnish on silver items. The procedure to follow is as follows;

Ø  line a container with aluminum foil,

Ø  fill it with hot water

Ø  add either a laundry detergent or baking soda.

You may then soak the aluminum items here for a few hours. Remember to rinse thoroughly and let them dry on paper towels. Do not soak silver jewelry encrusted with gemstones or other mineral metals as the foil and baking soda damages them.

  • Clean the silver jewelry with toothpaste, hand sanitizers, or window cleaning agents

If you opt to clean with toothpaste, you should select non-abrasive toothpaste. Rub it on the silver jewelry for at least five minutes. Hand sanitizer is ideal because you do not need to rinse off after cleaning. But you should be cautious if it is encrusted with mineral stones as the solution can damage the mineral stones. A window cleaner detergent is also ideal for restoring the shine on your silver jewelry.

  • Vinegar-baking soda solution

 The solution instantly restores the luster and shine on your silver cutlery and jewelry. But it is not ideal for antique silverware. The proportions should be 4tablespoons baking soda to one cup of distilled vinegar. You may soak the silver jewelry for at least one hour. Remember to rinse thoroughly and dry with paper towels.

 These few cleaning tips can help you maintain the luster and shine of silver jewelry. Remember to store them in a jewelry box. You may add a piece of chalk to help absorb moisture. Another alternative is the silica gel that acts as a desiccant to prevent moisture build-up. You may also invest in high-quality anti-tarnish bags. Wearing silver jewelry regularly also helps to polish the jewelry and to prevent tarnish.

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