Sharon Stone Set to Receive Prestigious Zurich Festival Golden Icon Award

Back in the 1990s, you couldn’t throw a rock without hitting at least a couple of Sharon Stone films at the local mall Cineplex at any given time. Sliver, Total Recall, The Quick and the Dead and Casino were but a small part of this talented Oscar nominated actresses filmography during that decade. Of course it was Basic Instinct that really made her something of an icon; her sultry role of Catherine Tramell – a suspect of interest to gumshoe Michael Douglas who might just be a murderer; or maybe not. Paul Verhoeven’s taut and tawdry story left everyone guessing all the way up to the end and the end-result was that Stone became a worldwide star, capable of opening even a local Piggly-Wiggly and seeing financial gain. As the years have rolled on, one thing has stayed constant: Ms. Stone is still a mesmerizing talent: Her light has not dimmed. We’re happy to report – thanks in large part to our War and Remembrance fanatics over at The Hollywood Reporter – that we’re not the only ones who feel this way…

Announced this very day, the 17th Annual Zurich Film Festival is poised to honor the always resplendent Sharon Stone with the distinguished Golden Icon Award, the highest honor the festival can bestow.

 Christian Jungen, the Artistic Director of the Zurich Film Festival, said in a press release that “Sharon Stone is a true icon of the seventh art. She is a woman that Hitchcock would have loved. Her distinguishing qualities include an irresistible charm, a great human depth, the talent to play a whole range of roles and the ability to captivate an audience like no other. At a time when the film business was dominated by men, she stood her ground to fight against sexism and in doing so became a major role model for many women in the film business.”

For her part, Stone, responding to the honor to be bestowed upon her, said that “It is an honor to engage with the global community and celebrate the profound depth of our art. I am thrilled to be recognized in this capacity.”

Stone has always had an outside presence in the industry and has never fretted about flexing her muscle for things she believed in, even if not popular at the time. Case in point: When studio execs balked at casting an unknown actor in their upcoming Sam Raimi western The Quick and the Dead, Stone ponied up some her own money to pay the salary of the actor TriStar and Sony were so hesitant about. The name of that up and coming actor was Leonardo DiCaprio, and this story illustrates just how passionately Sharon Stone fights for what she believes in.

Sharon Stone will receive her Golden Icon honor from the Zurich Film Festival this September 25.

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