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Pick the Best Photo Booth Rental NYC Has to Offer with These Smart Tips

When you are planning an event for your business in New York, you should aim to make it as fun and memorable as possible to create a positive impression on your partners, clients, and everyone attending it. Now, one of the best ways to do this is getting a photo booth rental NYC has to offer and setting it up strategically in your venue. Not only that it complements the theme and ambiance of your event, but it also allows you to capture some precious moments and turn them into keepsakes that your guests can take home.

Important Considerations When Renting a Photo Booth for Your Event

Needless to say, getting a photo booth rental NYC has to offer brings a lot of benefits. However, it is still important to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to using this setup for your event. With that said, you should take special considerations to make sure you are getting a booth that perfectly suits your needs.

Pick the Right Spot

Before you hire a photo booth, you should assess your venue and determine the best place to put it. For starters, there should be plenty of space around the booth. You should also place it where it can be seen easily by all your guests, but do not place it where it can block foot traffic. You do not want it to be just a nuisance, but rather useful addition to your event.

Of course, you should also place it in an area that receives sufficient light. There is nothing more disappointing than getting poor-quality pictures due to improper lighting.

Consider Your Event’s Goals

Your photo booth should match the goal you want to achieve in hosting your event. For example, an occasion that aimed to promote networking picked this NYC photobooth studio that creates GIFs that guests can directly share on their social media accounts. On the other hand, if you want to spread a message about a new brand, then a booth that creates photos with your logo on them, which your guests can show to their friends, will definitely work.

Go for Fresh Photo Booth Ideas That Make Your Event Stand Out

As consumers are getting savvier, the traditional photo booth might no longer dazzle some of your guests. So, instead of trying to do that “selfie station rental near me” search online, you should find those new concepts that have been creating a stir in recent corporate events.

Cool Photo Booth Ideas to Try

  • 360-degree photo booth – This is one of the most entertaining photo booth solutions that will make your event a lot more memorable for your guests. Commonly known as a 360 photo booth, it uses a revolving camera to capture 120 frames a second to create slow-motion videos.
  • GIF photo booth – This is a digital photo booth rental solution that uses a camera that rapidly takes a series of photographs that are stitched together to create GIF animations. Like the 360 photo booth, it allows you to share your branded GIFs on social media in an instant.
  • “Thermo” booth – This is a fun way to combine human interaction and technology in a photo booth experience. Basically, this setup uses a state-of-the-art shutter release system that takes low-fidelity (lo-fi), thermal-printed pictures triggered by skin contact between the subjects.
  • Mirror photo booth – A mirror photo booth rental NYC has to offer gives you a unique approach to producing photographs for your event. As the name suggests, it uses a full-length mirror integrated with interactive technology that communicates with the participants through a touch screen with a voice guidance feature and other functionalities to create colorful animated shots.
  • Animation photo booth – This is also a unique kind of photo booth service that uses the skills of an artist to create branded narrative cartoons, caricatures, or minimalist portraits of your guests in pronto. The images created are also printable and shareable on social media.

Do Not Compromise Quality Over Price


While you would want to save on photo booth rental costs, you should never compromise quality over price. Your guests’ experience and your reputation are on the line here, so you should not take the risk of settling for less.

So, when assessing a photo booth service, check the quality of their equipment. At least, they should be equipped with professional cameras that take high-definition shots. They should also have backdrops and props that perfectly fit the theme of your event.

Of course, they should provide an attendant to operate and facilitate the booth during your event. Technical difficulties may arise, and there should be someone who can address these problems without the extra stress on your part.

However, this does not mean you have to choose the most expensive photo booth provider you find in your search. You can always make a comparison between potential providers and go for one that offers the best services at a price that is attainable within your budget.

Choose a Company That Allows You to Customize Your Booth

The best photo booth rental would not just provide any type of kiosk for your event. It should also be able to offer customized packages to immerse your guests in a well-rounded experience involving your brand. We are not just talking about placing your logo on the pictures. Instead, it is about incorporating everything with the message you want to convey during your event.

For example, you could customize the skin of your kiosk to showcase your brand’s look and feel. You could even personalize the emails used in downloading and sharing pictures on a platform of your choice.

Ask about Insurance

To get the peace of mind that you are protected against financial liability in case something goes wrong with the photo booth during your event, you should only hire a company that is insured and registered as a business entity by the state. You can ask about insurance policies during your initial interview with the potential companies on your list.

Final Thoughts

Proper planning goes a long way in achieving success for your event, and getting the details right when choosing a photo booth rental NYC has to offer should be part of it. So, take the time to do your research and pick the perfect ideas for such a setup.

Of course, you should also work with a photo booth provider that has a good reputation in helping businesses achieve their goals in hosting events. This way, you can assure yourself that everything will go off without a hitch.

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