What are the Best options for Choosing Bridal Lingerie

What are the Best options for Choosing Bridal Lingerie?

Everyone wants to look perfect on their D-day, starting from their wedding wear to the arrangements. And the first thing the guests notice and you should care about is your wedding dress. But the material that goes underneath your wedding wear deserves equal attention. It is something that can uplift or abase your dress completely. 

Moreover, you need to choose your lingerie yourself and for that, you need to know all the details about it.

Lingerie according to your bridal wear

Choose your bridal wear first and then finalize your lingerie.

  • Sheath dress- If you are wearing a sheath dress that is light flowing, it will look attractive as a wedding gown. But the material will need extra support under your dress to cover up panty lines or unwanted bulges. Wear lingerie that can hide your problem areas or even you can try a slip of the same material as your gown.
  • Mermaid dress- This dress will embrace your body and accentuate your curves. So go for lingerie or shapewear to flaunt your curves plus hide the panty line. You can visit natori.com and try Natori’s bridal lingerie collection for a high waist thong along with your choice of the bustier. 
  • Ballgown- This classic wear usually has already fitted bustier or corset inside this, but buy one if you don’t have one. Go for a seamless and strapless bra for lift and support while you don’t have to worry about panty lines. 

Body types and lingerie

Some lingeries accentuate your body frame while some don’t. Here are some tricks with which you can choose what will suit you the best.

  • Muscular frame- If your body is fit, flaunt it with bold colors, loads of straps, and a snatched waistline.
  • For the pear-shaped beauties, go for plunged neckline lingeries that will highlight your upper body. For the lower portion, go for briefs that will conceal your butt, hips, and thighs. 
  • If you are apple-shaped, you might have a bit heavy top and slim legs. Try wearing full-coverage lingerie and cover your stomach area for a beautiful look. Feel free to go for bright lively colors and a good deal of laces.

Types of lingerie to choose from

  • Strapless- It is always safer to go for a strapless bra for strapless wedding wear. Check your fit and comfort after you put on the lingerie and dress. 
  • Padded bridal bras- These are heavy on luxury and design and will make you feel special and confident. Check out Natori’s bridal lingerie for extravagant padded bras to swoon you. 
  • Plunge neckline- For those bridal wears that have a low-cut V neckline, choose a plunge bra. This will be comfortable than a strapless yet the straps will be thin enough to hide.
  • Stick on- For your backless dress go for these adhesive bras that consist of just 2 cups joined in the middle and you can stick them on.

Colour and style of lingerie

You can choose the color according to the shade of the dress. Most brides prefer white, nudes, or red for Indian brides. But it is best to go for a bra similar to the color of your dress as it will help you to camouflage or just nudes. If you are a lover of vibrant colors & think nudes are boring, go for lace detailing on the nude lingerie.

Also, if your wedding dress fabric is sheer, check your underwear and dress in different lightings. In addition, the style of your lingerie will entirely depend on what your dress demands & what you are comfortable in. Strapless generally fits in with any kind of dress except the backless ones. Check out Natori’s bridal lingerie website or store for ravishing lingerie collections for your wedding.

Lingerie for brides for their wedding night

Firstly, it’s personal and it’s your choice, so there are no certain kinds or rules to this part of lingerie. You may or may not wear white or red, or even can wear a pyjama or a baby doll, all up to you. But if you are for classic & traditional, we suggest you white / cream lacy lingerie /a short lacy babydoll or gown.

For the bold females out there, try a corset with suspenders, lace thigh-high, and high heels for a ballsy look.

Look for comfort, fabric, styles while selecting your bridal lingerie, and try to avoid heavy embellishments as they can be see-through. 

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