Increasing Mobile Data Hacking Threats these Days | How to Prevent


The development in technology has enabled human beings to do whatever they want to do. Though these advantages increase human comfort but on the other side it is becoming dangerous by every passing day.

Mobile users are increasing on a daily basis. It was in ancient times that a person owning a smartphone looks more modernized and richer. But nowadays, every common person is owning a smartphone with no knowledge of usage or near to some. The negligence gives birth to many security hazards from which people are completely unaware.

So, the purpose of writing this piece of article is to let you know about increasing mobile hacking threats and their prevention. Here we go with it;

  1. Phishing attacks 

Phishing attacks are getting much more popular than any other security hazards these days. As hackers are taking advantage of people’s lust and greed and trap them easily. It’s not a big deal that you are viewing a login page and you entered your credentials without justifying that either it is the original one or fake.

Basically, phishing means trapping someone with a tastier bud. Thus, hackers trace the activities of users and put the bud in beautiful form. These phishing attacks could be more modern like;

  • Facebook or Instagram failed to login.
  • Email cheap offers.
  • Lucky draws.

The information never ends here. As I said above, they are getting moderated and utilizing new tactics. You can visit TopMostBlog for more cyber security and threats information. A quick and simpler prevention is not to provide your ID or Account credentials on any of sales or social sites. Install official applications and run it from there. Avoid redirecting to sites from email offering fake prices.

  1. Spy applications 

The second most incredible and untraceable threat for mobile users is spy applications. Initially these applications were developed to help people monetize their children’s activities and restrict them from any illegal usage. But by the passage of time, it is becoming a threat to data leakage without getting into knowledge.

The method of attack is as simple as you have never thought about. Someone would take your phone for calling or texting and install a spy application in it. Thoroughly integrate it with their phone’s application and trace your activities. Through this integration they can also access your data and even can delete it. So be aware of it and don’t give your phone to anyone you don’t know. But if it is an emergency, just stand nearby and watch what he or she is doing with it.

  1. Free Wi-Fi

The third one and last is free wi-fi. Most of us are greedy to use wi-fi freely wherever we get the signals. Public free wi-fi is not secure to explore, chat, transfer data and many more. Here is some more evidence at WorldRankSolutions, you can explore it personally. 

Free wi-fi routers mostly enable access to your device screens and system whenever you get connected. It is called server-side hacking, you are connecting with a server and they are fetching your data. So avoid using free wi-fi and also keep your phone’s wi-fi disconnected.

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