Crane Rental Costs and Advantages

Crane Rental Costs and Advantages

When deciding on equipment for a construction site, it’s important to make choices that best reflect the situation on the ground. Fortunately, crane rental allows for flexibility in the type of cranes best suited for a particular job.

The Need for Crane Rental

One reality in construction is often the need to rent equipment when the need arises. Nowhere is this more true than crane rental. Cranes are expensive to buy. Sometimes a crane is only needed for a short period of time, or for a longer period of time but without the maintenance and costs of operation that may be incurred from crane ownership. 

Fortunately, there exists a strong market of cranes for rental. It’s important to discuss the factors that influence crane rental before you make the decision.

Types of Cranes for Rental

A wide variety of cranes are for rental. Cranes range from small mobile cranes to large tower cranes. The price for crane rental varies depending on the type of crane rental and the length of time for which the crane is rented. 

For example, a mini crawler crane could cost $455 to $660 a day. Crane rental can extend even to tower cranes, with a $15,000 per month rental fee and a $60,000 installation and disassembly cost. Spider cranes can range from $475 a day for a 2,000 lbs. spider crane to $1100 a day for a 9,000 lbs. spider crane. The wide variation in crane rental pricing reflects the vast range of cranes available from construction rental companies.

Additional Costs of Crane Rental

Prices of cranes for rental range according to the size and capacity of a crane, the amount of time the crane is rented, and the rental of a crane operator and other professionals needed to complete the job. 

There are also additional costs to renting a crane, including delivery and assembly, permits to operate a crane, trained and qualified personnel, and other tasks such as the disconnecting of power lines, creating a lift plan, and overtime. 

The region for which the crane is rented also factors into the cost. Also, often there is a minimum amount of time a crane for which a crane can be rented.

Given below are the commonly used cranes
a) Spider Cranes
b) Crawler Cranes

The Advantages of Spider Cranes

The main advantage of spider cranes is their ability to fit through small spaces. Spider cranes excel at lifting large panes of glass and erecting steel. Also, spider cranes can lift items within buildings. Spider cranes excel at work in finished buildings, for maintenance and refurbishment of structures. Also, spider cranes are loaded with safety features, such as outrigger interlocks and safe load indicators.

Spider cranes are easy to transport. These cranes also work well on uneven land. Tracked mobility allows spider cranes to cross rough terrain. The light carrying range of spider cranes, combined with the ability of spider cranes to bear a load greater than its weight.

The Advantages of Crawler Cranes

Like spider cranes, crawler cranes have distinct advantages. The caterpillar tracks and retractable boom allow crawler cranes access to tight spaces. Crawler cranes can be fitted with extensions and accessories that increase manoeuvrability and usefulness. Attachments increase equipment width and the transportation of supplies. 

The crawlers on crawler cranes allow for the ability to cross difficult terrain. Crawlers also provide stability in lifts. Safety overload alarms and advanced computer safety aids prevent crane tipping. Mini crawler cranes can make 360° turns. Their ability to run on electric power makes them ideal for indoor applications.

Furthermore, mini crawler cranes can move while bearing a load. These cranes can move up an incline with crawlers. Mini crawler cranes can fit into tight spaces since their bodies do not need outriggers. This type of crane also excels at pick and carry, allowing lifting and carrying over long distances. The crane stops at 100% load in order to prevent tipping of the crane. Alarms also prevent the crane from tipping if going down a steep incline.

The preceding demonstrates the capabilities and advantages of spider and crawler cranes. A reputable rental company can demonstrate the best options for a particular job. Crane rental gets the job done without the hassle and expense of purchasing cranes for a particular job.

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