Janmashtami Festival 2021- Significance, Importance & Interesting Facts

India is going to celebrate Janmashtami 2021 on 30th August. And did you know that the occasion of Janmashtami is observed as a National holiday in Bangladesh? This festival is widely celebrated amongst Hindus and considered sacred across India and other parts of the world as well.

Janmashtami celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna, who is the eighth human incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who was born at midnight on the ‘eighth day’ or the ‘Ashtami’ of the Shravana month according to the Hindu Lunar Calendar. Places such as Vrindavan & Mathura start preparing for the big Holi festival weeks in advance as it was here that Krishna spent his early years.

Beautiful tales are recited & re-enacted across major pandals that line the streets of Vrindavan & Mathura whereas the celebrations differ from place to place. Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, the celebrations seem to be muted but sending Janmashtami wishes in english to your friends and family is no less than celebrating it digitally.

Thanks to Lord Krishna’s flute how people recognize Lord Krishna with a cute baby face who steals butter and has a connection with Radha. But what are the significance & interesting facts and why is Lord Kirshna so beloved!? Scroll down to understand the festival’s significance & interesting facts about the festival!

Janmashtami Significance:

The festival of Janmashtami brings everyone together and signifies unity and faith. Want to know the real significance of the festival, Janmashtami? Read on!

  • On this day, devotees go to the temple and pay their obeisance to Lord Krishna and revel in the celebrations where they often enact the birth ceremony of Krishna either by putting up a beautiful Jhaanki or through a skit. Those devotees also stay up till midnight for Krishna Abhishek. Where the festival is marke with folklore and devotional songs!
  • Devotees also observe fast on this special day. Where some opt for ‘phallar’ fast where they can consume things like fruits, milk, and light sattvik foods, few also keep ‘nirjala’ fast. There are different kinds of delicious prasad coock’s for little Krishna like kheer, peda, malpua, panjiri, etc.
  • Dahi Handi is a part of the celebration that represents the deeds and life of a young Lord Krishna. The festival is widely celebrates in states like Maharashtra and Gujarat. On this occasion, an earthen pot or handi is fill with curd, white butter, which is hanging at 30 ft. of height. Young boys back together to make a great human pyramid to get the ‘handi’.
  • There are a lot of groups that are calling mandals which have the most number of people. The boy is right on top of the human pyramid i.e referre to as Govinda and once he breaks the handi to reveal all the milk-based delicacies, where all the young boys partake in it. Often, there is the great prize money that’s adding to the pot as well. 
  • The Dahi Handi is mean to be a great reminder of the endearing deeds of Lord Krishna. Every year, the celebrations of Dahi Handi and Gokulashtami warrant grand gatherings of people singing in praise of Krishna, re-enacting the stories, and fasting too!
  • The major significance of Janmashtami is to discourage bad will and encourage goodwill. The festival of Krishna Jayanti celebrates togetherness and the occasion brings together signifying faith and unity.

5 Interesting Facts About Janmashtami That Would Surprise You!

Before you indulge yourself in the celebrations of Janmashtami, we bring to you the 5 most interesting facts about Janmashtami which will leave you awestruck! 

ISKCON has its foundations in New York City

The ISKCON, a prominent organisation devots to Krishna Ji, was finds in New York City. Today, there are more than 150 temples that are maintaining by ISKCON in India. West Bengal’s Mayapur serves as its headquarters. ISKCON is also known as the Hare Krishna movement which is characterizing by chanting Krishna’s name. The experience is quite uplifting and all the ISKCON centres all over the world celebrate with full zest.

Countries outside India celebrate the festival too!

In countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, & New Zealand, there’s a large community of Hindu that reside. So, these countries celebrate Janmashtami marking Lord Krishna’s birth. Also, there is great fanfare and fervour in London, the US, and Poland and speaking of international temples, there is also a unique temple in the Macau peninsula.

Janmashtami is a National Holiday In Bangladesh

Surprisingly, on the occasion of Janmashtami, there is a national holiday of Janmashtami! Keeping the pandemic in mind, the celebrations will be low-key this year. The Prime Minister & President of Bangladesh also wish people on the occasion and a lot of dishes are also make in houses!

Lord Krishna has 108 names

Though we all have nicknames Lord Krishna has a whopping 108 names! Some of his names include Govind, Mohan, Hari, Vasudeva, Shyam, Ghanshyam, and to name a few more! These names reflect in all the bhajans and hymns which devotees sing on Janmashtami!

Lord has 16,108 wives as per legends

Lord Krishna has 16,108 wives! Wondering how? According to Mythology, Lord Krishna rescued 16,100 women from the evil spirit, Naraksura. Their families did not accept them when they returned and Krishna married all of them. 

Surprised? Celebrate & Learn About The Festival With Great Zest!

So, now that you know the significance of the festival and 5 interesting facts about Janmashtami, celebrate the occasion with full zest and fervour! Don’t let the pandemic stop your celebrations as being together is rather more important than stepping out! So, are you ready to enjoy it? Happy Janmashtami!

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