INTERVIEW: Steff Da Campo

Why did you choose to do your own rendition of “Rise Up”?

I loved the original and felt like giving it my own vibe. In the club mix I really focused on my own sound, which is maybe a bit less poppy than the original and really meant to be played in the clubs. But after Yves and I spoke, we also worked with 71 digits and with Mr. Waku Waku to create more remixes and radio versions, so we have really created a pack of great new stuff!

What was the approach you went after with this new version?

Preserve the great vibe the original had, while making it more club-ready for 2021

How did you go on balancing the original with your own take?

We kept certain elements from the original, like Jaba’s great vocals and some sounds, but we gave it a twist with new structures and instruments. I think we found a great balance between the original and this new version.

Why did you choose to go on a much Reggae direction?

Calling this record reggae may be insulting to some of the great artists from that scene, but yes, we were of course inspired by reggae! I was in a session with Mr. WakuWaku, we played the reggae bits with live instruments, tried them out and somehow it fit in great, so we kept them. It is just a respectful nod to the source of our inspiration!

How was the recording and re-writing process?

Yves and I met for the first time in person when we shot the video in Rumania and we got off very well. Before that we were in touch on-line about the record. I am really grateful Yves and Jaba allowed me to become a small part of the iconic story of Rise Up. So working with Yves was great, but working with 71 Digits and Mr. WakuWaku also was really nice. Everybody really came through to try and make this rebirth of the classic a success!

What role does Sweden play in your music?

Sweden has of course been a tremendous force in dance music, from Abba to Avicii. What I often admire about the Swedish scene is that they are so song driven. Any Swedish dance hit could also be a hit if a rock band had played it, if you know what I mean.

Does the new single mean we can expect a new material – how’s that coming along?

I have been working on a lot of records that will be released from later this year. The process of creating Rise Up 2021 took quite long, so we put a few records on hold. What I can tell you is that one will be released through Sam Feldt’s label and the others through Spinnin. Also, I have a remix coming up for A7s’s “Nirvana” quite soon!

What else is happening next in your world?

Covid made touring difficult and I really miss it. But it gave me a lot of quality time with my family and friends and I am grateful for that!


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