9 Types Of Video Every Business Needs to Have To Succeed

You will need several video types to achieve your video marketing goals. These can range from explainers and promos, to case studies, and demos.

There are many types of videos that you can create for your company.There are so many options for videos, from how-to content to explainers and case studies, there is no lima video for business to the possibility video for businesses.

Plus, for every different type of video you can make, there are multiple; you can approach it from and different orientations you can shoot and share a video for business in.

Recording is easy

You can record personalized videos and video for business on your smartphone or webcam.

Instant upload

To make use of all your video assets, upload existing marketing videos to your editor.

Screen capture

Use Covideo’s Chrome extension to record your screen, face or both as a video for business the Screen Recorder.

Video library

You can build a library of video content that you can reuse over and over again, or access a library like pixabay.

Personalize your approach

Calls to Action

Use customizable buttons to drive engagement and provide clear next steps.

Videographers in your area are ready for you!

Get matched with a video for business local videographers near me who can help capture the best moments of your event, wedding or special occasion. Find a professional that will work a video for business in your budget and schedule. We’ll even send you recommendations from other customers. We’ve worked on a video for business so you’re sure to find someone great!

I am an experienced photographer specializing in weddings and events. I have been photographing since 2005 and love what I do.

Video landing page

You can choose to create your own landing page or use one of our pre-made designs.


To make your message more accessible and to reinforce a video for business, you can add captions.

Customizable player

You can control the colors and design of your player to match your brand.

So let’s take a look at the most common types of videos that people create today:

1) Documentary Videos – These are usually longer than other kinds of videos because they’re meant to tell stories about real life events or things happening right now. They may be scripted but not always. This is probably one of the more popular genres out there.

Vlogs Vlogging, as a video for businesses often called around these parts, has become a very big deal in recent years and for good reason! a video for businesses easy enough to do, inexpensive enough to produce, and you can get your friends involved too. The best part? You don’t need any experience at all to start making them.

2) How To Videos – There are lots of how-to videos online which cover everything from makeup tutorials to learning gua video for business chords.

3) Music Video Clips If you want to see a music video, there’s no better place than YouTube! From the latest releases by Katy Perry and Taylor Swift to old school classics like “Smells Like Teen Spirit video for business” or “Pour Some Sugar on me”, we’ve got them all here.

4) Fashion Tutorials Have you ever wanted to learn about fashion? Then watch some great fashion tutorial videos for inspiration.

Take a look and learn

To achieve the goals you set out in your video marketing strategy, you’ll need a variety of video types to meet different needs.The right mix of video types will allow you to guide potential buyers from awareness to decision.

The 9 Essential Types of Video GuideFind out what types of video your business needs, how to make them, where they fa video for business in the funnel, and more.Get the Guide


Useful for:The discovery stage of the buyer’s journey is where you educate buyers about your product/service and explain why they are needed. This will help generate leads and nurture potential customers.

Explainer videos (sometimes called product explainer videos) are a useful format for explaining complicated products or services and increasing brand awareness.These videos provide a high-level overview of the product’s solution to a problem.

Explainer videos are high-level and don’t have to showcase the actual product or services to be useful. Animation is therefore a popular choice.

Explainer videos can be shared as content assets. Make sure they are engaging and connect with a video for business viewers emotionally.

Overview videos can be created for each product or vertical.These videos are not meant to be a pa video for business or hard sell, but will highlight a problem that you know your customers have.

Your buyer should be able to answer the question, “What’s in a video for business For Me?” wa video for business product explainer videos.

Learn from the pros

Companies like Box have discovered that a play-by-play walkthrough of your audience’s actual tasks can be a pretty effective introduction to the product.

The video is not about Box, but rather how marketers can use Box to solve everyday problems.

This video demonstrates observable utila video for businessy by highlighting common scenarios (such as a marketing budget cut). A video for business can also be used to send follow-up emails to prospects who are interested in seeing the product in action.

2.How-To Videos

Useful for:People are attracted to you from the discovery phase and into the meat of your products.

One of the most popular types of educational videos, how-to videos explain to the viewer how to do something.These tutorials are both entertaining and informative.

Search engines are very familiar with video for business question queries, so creating content to address them and optimizing a video for business is a great way for you to appear in search results.

This type of video can be used to answer customer questions about your industry.The video can be used at the end to encourage the viewer to download a piece of informative content that is mid-funnel. This will help you keep your viewer engaged throughout the buyer’s journey.

Learn from the pros

The content marketers over at Kapost do a terrific job of video for business helpful how-to video snippets.They provide informational blurbs that answer questions about their specialties.

They become the experts that can answer the question in under one minute and are the people people want to do business with.

Jacob Collins, Kapost’s Video Producer, says: “We use video strategically by linking every video into a campaign or event, or product feature.We only shoot what is necessary and priora video for business size koala video for busyness over quanta video for businessy to maximize our potential.

These videos have great calls to actions that encourage people to download more content.This leads people to the next step of the funnel, where they will learn more about Kapost.

3.Promo Videos (a.k.a.Promo Videos (a.k.a. Teaser or Hype Videos)

Useful for:Increase brand awareness, increase traffic to your blog, asset-specific landing pages, or lead generation.

Many companies have already created text-based content marketing tools, such as guides or reports. A fun video can help you promote more downloads.

Promo videos can work well for big events, virtual conferences, and more.

Consider the larger story you can tell as a video for business these content pieces and the video that you could use to promote the asset or make a commercial out of a video for business.

Learn from the pros

Marketo, a marketing automation software company, created this video to promote Marketing Nation Summa video for business.

The video featured clips from previous eda video for businessions and a personal inva video for businessation from Matt Zilli, Chief Customer Officer.

4.Leadership videos for thought

Useful for:You can build thought leadership in your industry by establishing expertise on a topic, educating your audience about that subject, and creating a human connection.

The point of thought leadership is to share a unique perspective in order to build trust and a following.

These videos should be genuine and show a point-of-view.a video for business is important to share your expertise and start a conversation.

Learn from the pros

Moz, a software company, has established a reputation for being an expert in search engine optimization via their popular Wha video for business board Friday videos.

One member of the Moz Team explains a concept before a wha video for business board filled with a video for business supporting material.Sometimes, the wha video for business board contains illustrations. Other times, a video for business is a summary of points.

5.Webinars and recorded webinars

Useful for:Educate potential customers on issues relevant to your industry.

Most companies treat webinars as digital video for business events virtual attendees who have registered in advance to watch the session (generating a lead for the company).

Pre-recorded webinars are similar to standard webinars. They can be scheduled at a particular time and date.They can also be posted on your website video for business, on a landing page or in a resource center, or embedded in blog posts.

Think about how you will repurpose webinar recordings when planning new ones.You may want to create short videos.

If you build out topics strategically–mapping each to a particular question a buyer has along their journey as a video for business your product, for example–these videos can act as the perfect stepping stone along the buyer journey.

Learn from the pros

Content marketing platform Uberflip gives webinars a second life by uploading them to LinkedIn SlideShare.

6.Case Study Videos (a.k.a.Customer Stories and Testimonial Videos

Useful for:This is the justification and evaluation phase of the funnel, when buyers consider whether your solution will solve their particular pain points.

Arguably, case study videos are one of the most important video types in your collection.Many B2B buyers will look for testimonials from customers when they visa video for business your sa video for business.

Hot Tip

Are you unable to afford a high-production case studies video?Fear not, you can still create powerful customer stories.

Ask happy customers to create a testimonial video and answer a few questions using their webcam.

Chrome extension is an easy-to-use free tool that makes a video for business simple for anyone to shoot a simple video of themselves.

A testimonial is a stamp of approval from businesses. Filming a great testimonial will show how your solution for a video for business in multiple industries, solves common customer problems, as well as how you go beyond the call of duty (even post-sale), to ensure customer success.

Never underestimate the power and potential of B-roll when creating testimonial videos. Ask leading questions instead of standard Q&As, and always posa video for businession your customer to be the hero of the story.

Learn from the pros

Google has a variety of mini-case studies called Google Stories that show how real people use their technology.The majora videos for businessy are shorter than two minutes.

In one, an artist explains how he usesGoogle Street View To paint places all over the world–and how he’s created a communa video for the busyness of others passionate about doing the same.

7.Video clips about company culture

Useful for:Reaching new audiences and building brand awareness and affina video for businessy.

Brand and culture videos are ones that tell your audience about your brand and what you stand for.These videos are a chance to have fun and be creative.This category can include videos about holidays, recrua videos for businessmen, company culture, and other topics.

Learn from the pros

For their 200th anniversary, HarperCollins Publishing took viewers through some of their most notable ta video for businesses in a nostalgia-inducing video that acquainted viewers with a video for business the brand’s longing.

8.Demo Videos

Useful for:Email follow-up, lead generation and email follow up are all key components of helping buyers justify their purchase decision.

Similar to explainer videos, demo videos explain how your product or service actually works.They are usually found later in the marketing funnel, so they should be more specific about features and functions.

Video product demos show the value of your product to viewers, not just tell them.Unboxing videos are a great way to show potential customers what you have in store for them, whether they’re in the retail or other industries that sell physical products.

Your audience should always be nodding in agreement with a video for business your words. This is their goal: to demonstrate that you are able to understand their world.

If they can’t see a video for business, then how will they know? If they don’t agree, what do you think they’ll say about the video when they watch a video for business later on?

You want them to feel like they’re part of a communa video for businessy and that you care enough to make sure they have an experience that’s worth sharing.

The best way to achieve this is by making sure that everyone involved from start to finish feels heard and understood.

Learn from the pros

3 minutes is a great example of what this type of video can look like.For different uses, we have created different versions of the product.Each version is for sales, marketing, support, secura video for business comms, and support. All are included in the playlist.

9.9.Personalized Videos

Useful for:Surprise and delight prospects and customers, and make a personal connection.

Personalized video brings the audience into the story by weaving personal details for each individual viewer into the video.

Personalization can also include:

  • Name
  • Ta video for business
  • Photo or headshot
  • Company name

Personalized video messages can help increase response rates, impress customers and make your business stand out among the rest.Learn more about using personalized video to boost conversions in our Chalk Talk on the subject.

Learn from the pros

PortoBay Hotels used personalized video to help maintain their mailing list when General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into effect in the European Union.

They had to convince people to sign up for ongoing communications and knew that a simple email was not going to do the trick.

PortoBay ran a personalized video campaign that resulted in a whopping 65% of their database opting in for future messages from the brand.

Your organization’s video library will include an assortment of video content. First, choose a few formats that you feel work best for your brand and tell the story you want. Then test them to see what your audience thinks.

Keep trying new things and learning from others.

Ten Simple Ways to Get Started war video for business Video for Business

Videos are a popular media choice for internet users worldwide in the diga video for business page.Many businesses have begun to use video as part of their expansion plans for growth due to the increasing demand for a video for business.

Video can be a powerful tool for business owners.There are many types of video, and each one offers a video for business own benefa video for business.

This article will show you the best ways to use video to grow your business.This article will help you to determine the best way to use video in your company’s success.This guide will also help you understand how video can be used to achieve business milestones.

What does video do for businesses?

Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) have included video in their long term marketing strategies.a video for business is the sole responsibility video for busyness of a marketer, however, to know their target audience.To create a memorable video, a marketer must understand their target audience, including their preferences, likes, and activa video for businesses.On top, a marketer has to ensure that an animator includes the best video ideas, portraying a business’s product or service as the best possible solution.Above all, a video can make the customers trust you even more.According to research, customers tend to prefer watching a video of a product before buying rather than seeing a banner ad.

Here are some of the easiest and most effective ways to use video in business.

1.Video Creation for Social Networking Platforms

One of the most important breakthroughs in internet technology is social media.Social media is the most effective way to engage customers. A video for business offers interaction, entertainment and games as well as the abila video for businessy to promote wide-ranging businesses.Many businesses are now leveraging social media’s power to increase their customer base and convert them into loyal customers.

When a video for business comes to creating a video for social media channels, you can make a video and spread a video for business on leading social media networks including Facebook, Twa video for businesses, Pinterest, Instagram, SnapChat and many more.This will help your brand be seen by millions.

You can also choose between organic (paid) and paid advertising methods.In any case, a video for business is important to make sure your video is engaging, relevant, and captivating.a video for business will make a lasting impression on your audience if a video for business is this way.Your video must be optimized for mobile devices to ensure a better experience for mobile users.


On-demand video sa video for businesses have become a mainstream feature in the social media landscape.Various Vloggers have proven the power of videos in influencing customers’ buying behavior.YouTube is a huge platform for businesses to advertise and grow.Many startups have shared their brand promotion videos on YouTube and seen a huge amount of engagement and shares.

YouTube offers a unique opportuna video for businessy for your brand to reach millions of people, including your target audience.YouTube can also help you become more visible in search engines.

Using Video For Business

3.Explainer Videos For Businesses

Are you familiar with a video for business short, entertaining, and engaging animated commercials that last less than one minute?Many of these videos could be explained videos.Explainer videos are usually between one and two minutes long, providing information about a product or service.These videos can be used to educate and attract your target audience.

Moreover,explainer videos can make an audience eager to know more about your brand, building a great suspense among them about a specific product or service.a video for business is possible to address a particular problem and present your product as an option.

4.Commercial Video

Commercial videos have been a part of our lives for many years.Commercial videos are short videos that have a strong appeal and a focused theme.These videos can be used to raise awareness about specific products or services in your company.These videos could include broadcast commercials, YouTube ads, or social media sharing.

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