Jusdon Roy

Why Everyone’s been watching up and coming artist Judson Roy 

As time has passed, we’ve been fortunate enough to cover some of the greatest artists in the U.S. Judson Roy is someone we’ve recently picked up on thanks to his latest single “My Time”. The young artist hasn’t dropped music for a few months but now has come back for arguably his best single yet. 

The beginning of the track starts off with a soothing indie style guitar arpeggio. Not even a second in, all expectations are met as Judson Roy brings his catchy chorus singing “I’m coming to take what’s mine”. Roy has a huge advantage of mixing multiple genres of punk rock as well as hip hop inspired tracks from artists like Juice Wrld. 

Overall, this kid Judson Roy could easily be on to something big. Don’t miss out and check My Time out on Spotify below:

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