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Travel to Turkey during the COVID-19 pandemic

Turkey is known for its different historical sites, seaside resorts, Aegean, and Mediterranean Seas coasts. Turkey has also become a popular destination for health care and spa.

Turkey attracted around 45 million foreign tourists in 2019, ranking as the sixth most popular tourist destination globally. The number was increasing since 2002, but with the pandemic, it decreased to about 11 million in 2020.

Turkey took several measures (Closure of schools and universities, banning mass gathering events, some travel restrictions, curfews, and lockdowns) after the first case. It controlled the pandemic and became one of the most prosperous countries fighting against the COVID 19 pandemic. And now, it is considered a low-risk country.

What is the last situation in Turkey?

As we said before, Turkey is considered a low-risk country. On 1 July, the Turkish government started the normalization process. It opened all the restaurants, clubs, and sports centers and allowed all the events. But all that with special measures under the government observation and control. 

Passengers from some countries are banned from entering Turkey; these countries are Brazil, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, South Africa, and Sri Lanka. But they may transit to other countries without entering to Turkey.

What do you need before coming to Turkey?

You must have a negative PCR test result taken within seventy-two hours prior to arrival or an antigen test result taken within forty-eight hours prior to arrival. 

You must have a HES code to enter Turkey, and you can obtain one after submitting the entry form to Turkey. The code is required while entering many places in Turkey. We will explain this.

What is HES Code?

HES (Hayat Eve Sığar) “Life Fits Into Home” in English is a unique code given by the Ministry of Health in Turkey to Turkish citizens, Turkish residents, and Foreign visitors. With this code, Turkey aims to reduce the presence and prevent the positive people or who contact a positive patient from being outside and control the density of the people during controlled social life conditions.

It is necessary to have a valid HES code when getting on a Bus, Train, Plane, travel between the cities, or enter to a mall.

What are the steps to obtain a HES code?

You will need your passport/ID details and travel information before you start to fill the form.

  1. You will provide your personal information (Full name, Passport number, Nationality, living address, places you have visited in the last ten days, Arrival Date, and Flight details).
  2. You will provide your contact information (E-mail, Phone Number, hotel/Residence Address in Turkey)

You can get your HES Code from the HES code section in Istanbul airport website.

Note that you may face Administrative and Legal sanctions or get banned from entering Turkey if you haven’t filled in the form correctly or give misleading information.

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Wish you a great and joyful trip

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