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How to Wear Diamond Jewelry the Stylish Way

How to Wear Diamond Jewelry the Stylish Way

Diamond jewelry has always been a woman’s best friend for quite some time now. It never fails to amaze us with its beauty every time we see it. We are sure you must have heard sentences like, “diamonds are forever” and “shine bright like diamonds”. Every woman loves diamond jewelry that is big, shiny, and fascinating. By the look of it, we can tell that diamonds look absolutely beautiful with every attire. At the same time, it is very important to know how to wear them the right and stylish way. 

We have some amazing tips and tricks you can use to wear your diamond jewelry the stylish way. Keep on reading to know more.

1. Wear a tennis bracelet with accessories

If you are looking for a simple yet classy look, you must go with jewelry that is simple and elegant. To give you an example, a tennis bracelet will look super elegant if you style it the perfect way. It is durable and versatile. If you are about to go for a formal meeting and want to look chic, you can wear this bracelet with other pieces on the same wrist. Or else, these days, people are seen wearing watches and accessorizing them with diamond jewelry. 

2. Sport a pendant 

A single pendant diamond chain is a statement piece of jewelry. No matter what your attire, it will look elegant and simple. Make sure to keep your neckline a little off-shoulder as it will make the chain pop more. You can shop for lab grown diamonds and get them customized in your choice of designs for a personalized pendant. 

3. Put on statement earrings

We are sure that you must know that these days classic statement earrings are stealing the show. All you need to do is wear dazzling pair of earrings on a gown and you are good to go. Large drop earrings will suit you the best. You can also wear some ear accessories to go with your earrings and we are sure you will like it. 

4. Layer the necklace

Layering is in trend these days and most of the celebrities are following this trend. If you aren’t satisfied with one diamond necklace, you can layer more for that stylish look. This will attract attention and you won’t even have to wear earrings. These go well with casual and party wear as well. 

5. Stack up your rings

Hands are also the most important part that attracts attention. You can pair multiple rings on your finger and still look casual. These go well along with casual outfits. Pair more rings along with a lab-grown diamond eternity ring and you will steal the show.

If you are looking for something unique and trendy, here are some classic eternity band styles that you might like. These are different and stylish in their own way. 

6. Revolving Diamond Band 

The spinning of the ring band is very much in trend these days. You will get a variety of designs and you can also make one according to your needs. 

7. Criss Cross Diamond Band 

A criss cross eternity band has managed to win many hearts. You will find many designs. You can use lab grown diamonds in between this ring and it will look the best. The shape of the diamond you select will speak a lot about the ring. 

8. Entangled Diamond Band 

The entangled diamond band is a single strand of wire and reminiscent of a fishing line that is wrapped around to create an erratically overlapped look. It can also be studded with the diamonds of your choice, white diamonds or colored lab-grown diamonds. 
These were some tips and tricks to style your diamond jewelry in the best and stylish way possible. Consider these and you will, for sure, shine bright like a diamond. You can also shop for a range of exclusive lab grown diamond jewelry at New World Diamonds.

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