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In stark contrast to Blizzard’s use of “World of Warcraft: Classic” and “Burning Crusade Classic” until now, they plan to make some significant changes and updates to the game and plan to attract them to players beta testing as well. But for a 15-year-old game whose player base has been very adapted to its complex mechanics, how will the new changes be welcomed? From the level of purchase to the overhaul to the patchwork, our team discovered the major changes that will be implemented in “World of Warcraft the Burning Crusade Classic”. If you are a beginner and didn’t know about this game than click on World of warcraft player guide and visit on our website tacogamer. There you can get all types of information about this game. You don’t need to search anymore just click here and learn A to Z info from here.


World of Warcraft shadowlands player guide have entire information about this game. It’s best for beginners and old ones also. Click on the highlighted link and visit that web. You will really inspire from those important info and setting about world warcraft game. This means that the update and its contents will not be fully available on the release date of the extended version; on the contrary, the “Burning Crusade Classic” will be regularly updated a little bit until the entire expansion can be played. This is a common strategy used by game developers from to maintain the interest of their player base for a long period of time. Make sure to create expectations and don’t let them disappear immediately. Judging from what Blizzard has promised to its players, I don’t think people will worry about regular updates. 


The coveted Draenei and Blood Elf characters can be created and upgraded to level 60 before the official release, which has not appeared in previous updates. This is very important for those who want to play the above roles no longer so boring for the players. Another benefit provided by Blizzard is paid character promotion (level 58), which can be done once per account. Anyone who does not play “World of Warcraft: Classic” can directly enter the new expansion without having to spend countless precious time to level up in the original game. However, this promotion does not apply to draenei and blood elves. I think making level diving a paid feature is a stupid move by Blizzard. There are a variety of MMOs, and when new updates are released, they will provide free level upgrades, rich experience and free things to stimulate the development of the game. Come on, everyone likes free things.


One thing that I personally hate is how easy it is to attack the leader in World of Warcraft Classic. According to reports, “The Burning Crusade Classic” will alleviate this concern before the difficulty level of certain bosses equals their mental state. Now, don’t expect this situation to last forever, because after any updates, balance patches and adjustments will always appear. But for gamers who like to enjoy the challenges of the game, it is worth looking forward to even in a relatively short period of time to experience more difficult raids. Another notable change is the reduction of team members from 40 to 25. This can greatly change the position of team members, because players are used to having 40 members raiding each time, not to mention how to stack in a new expansion will not be as effective as strategy.


The way the game handles every game decision made by the player-basically spelling. In “World of Warcraft Classic”, the batch processing window for spells is large, and various actions can be combined to realize other game elements. On the contrary, this is a positive change. By canceling the spelling process, you can greatly reduce the time required to perform operations on another unit. For example, if you want to heal other units, the effect may happen after 400 milliseconds! Now, that time will be reduced by 40 times! The groundbreaking changes cover any (minor) disadvantages that may result from cancelling batches of spells.


Another change in the “Burning Crusade Classic” expansion has long expired, so it has been welcomed by players. This is a comprehensive inspection of the consumables function system. No longer need to spend countless classic on multiple stacked on each other consumables. Essentially, the raid consumables for most occupations will be greatly simplified to the most necessary: ​​potions, food, and flasks. In addition to the above points, the course can also bring items such as weapon oil, which are temporary weapon enchantments, or other items that share the cooling time with health stones, and so on. Changes in the quality of life make the gaming experience more interesting. It must always be remembered that this is a tedious = / = challenging experience; therefore, for any type of player, the old consumable system will not bring you any benefit.


The honor system has undergone a complete transformation; players can now spend honor points as currency, obtain non-unique PVP rewards, have the ability to display the highest level of their lifetime, etc.​​. Even the marks of honor obtained through the battlefield no longer earn you honor or reputation. Instead, they now work with honor points to buy more rewards for you. In addition, there are now two brand new arenas for players to use in three different modes: 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 competitions. It’s just the sound that inspired me to try all of them. PVP may also affect PVE meta-games. As we have seen in the past, in some cases, before the launch of Raid equipment, the arena season accompanied by new equipment appeared which means that for a long time, arena equipment has been pursued by players everywhere. Whether it will be the same this time, only time will tell

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