Viktorija Lubyte talks about fitness and accepting oneself

Viktorija Lubyte is a well known name in the world of high fashion for numerous reasons, be it her travels across the globe, her fleet of luxury cars, her philanthropic work or her fitness.

She is wildly popular on Instagram, especially across Europe and has thousands of people who look up to her. Viktorija is a big supporter of fitness and encourages people to live better, healthier lifestyles but she is also a strong believer in self acceptance.

When asked to elaborate on the topic of self acceptance, Viktorija shares her views and says, “I believe that the most important thing for any human being out there is to be comfortable in their own skin. Nobody should bow to societal pressures and over work themselves to look a certain way just because it’s trending.”

“Trends change, they’re not long lasting, one day skinny is the new thing, the next day it’s being curvy. These things don’t matter. Being healthy is fine, being curvy is fine, being yourself is fine as long as you’re comfortable.”

Viktorija herself is a fitness enthusiast and is dedicated towards maintaining her physique. She works out two hours a day every day, regardless of what country she is in. She has built a discipline towards fitness and loves maintaining it.

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