Comparison Between IGI and GIA Diamond

Gems stones are not like usual stones. They are expensive, and this is pretty hard to define which is good and which one is not in the benchmark. To solve this problem, after 1950, both company IGI and GIA have found. They work to give certification to different gems and metals according to some parameters. Depends on related parameter priority their certification also mention different score to the same diamond. So it is getting important to know about IGI vs GIA lab grown if you are here to buy diamonds for the first time.

The ambivalence of IGI and GIA

Lab status: To check the reflective index, 4C test, and other things must have a proper laboratory. In comparison of IGI VS GIA, IGI’s laboratory is pretty new. They do not have more fine technology like GIA. On the other hand, GIA has the oldest laboratory. Even their certification and testing laboratory is the worlds best, without any doubt.

Color bias: The 4c (color, cutting, carat and clarity) is the most important index for any diamond. IGI does priority for stricter color bias for taking index, which is a good way to judge. But in the GIA scale, there is No bias on color or any parameter. They differentiate each parameter differently for certifications.

Diamond Expense: IGI is new, and still, they are improving their system. Depends on many things, IGI diamond is not that expensive. But GIA diamond is a bit expensivecause they have had their reputation and legacy fora long time. Few of the time, this expense can go more than 20% of the IGI price.

Popularity bias: GIA is older than IGI certification. From an early time, GIA providing the mined certifications. This is why they have become famous as the mined diamond laboratory where they also work for diamonds. But IGI is more famous for lab grown diamond testing, checking and certification.

Interesting and similarities

To mention grading standards, clarity is an important fact. Without proper grading standards, any diamond does not have enough details in its color. On both of the standards, they have similar clarity grading standards.Those four important grading standards are Clarity, Color, Cut, and Carat Weight, known as the 4c of the diamond.

For the same diamond stone both of IGI and GIA standard, some result is mostly similar. Those are fluorescence, polish and cut. And the most important thing is they do not contradict the major qualities of the diamond. Even both of them do not have any difference in carbon composition. I mean, its genesis is similar.


Should I buy an IGI diamond?

Buying IGI diamonds is not illegal, and they are most trusted. This is true that GIA-certified diamond is more accepted. But it does not mean that IGI is useless. They are improving their laboratory each day. So if you have a shortage of budget, then you can go for IGI diamond.

Where should I buy diamonds for my next celebration?

Both IGI and GIA diamonds are available in the market everywhere. But finding the perfect place is important. My suggestion is “Novita Diamond.”They are doing ornament business forthe last many years. In the long run, they have won lots of people’s trust. In addition, before buying any diamond, you can check the details about it.

Which diamond is better between IGI and GIA?

Among IGI and GIA have the perfect laboratory. On the other hand, GIA is famous for mined diamond laboratories where diamond certification is optional. But IGI is dedicated to making certifications for diamonds. But still, GIA hasthe world’s best laboratory. If you have enough money to pay, then from my aspect, I think GIA is the better option for picking diamonds.

A diamond becomes the perfect diamond if it scores enough on 6 different factors. Those are diamond shape, fluorescence, color, cut, clarity andcarat weight. This becomes hard to define and check all those specifications for usual people. This is the reason follow a certification for a diamond is too much important. If you don’t want any hassle, buy diamonds from a trusted place and get a certified diamond. I believe in enjoying your next celebration properly, and you should reduce your hassle.

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