Manaf Koudmani

Bring The House Down With Manaf Koudmani’s “Down”

Manaf Koudmani has recently stolen the limelight with the release of his new song “Down.” The song has become an instant hit and has launched Manaf Koudmani’s career into stardom. It has broken streaming records all across the internet. Everyone is talking about “Down.”

“Down” was released as a part of an EP that came out a couple of weeks ago. “Say It” and “Mind Reader” are the two other songs on the EP. All the songs are slowly rising in popularity. The reason for that becomes quite clear once you give the songs a listen.

Despite being a newcomer to the music scene, Manaf has been practicing music since he was very young. He was always fascinated by music and that curiosity helped nurture his musical talents. His talent in combination with superb mastering and production from Rumor Records has allowed him to create catchy songs which can be seen after listening to “Down.”

The release of “Down” has been creating waves all across the internet. House music fans worldwide are starting to take notice of it. Manaf is sure to deliver us with some more hits in the coming years. We can’t wait to hear from him.

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