Artemis Vision: A Community for Those Who Love NFTs and Good Art

Meeting up with Dean Kim, co-founder and President of Artemis Vision, isn’t easy. He’s insanely busy these days as he runs a thriving online marketplace for NFT artworks. I know that he spends his time onboarding celebrity artists who want to unveil their creations to the world, making sure that all features of the platform run smoothly, and granting interviews, so I expect him to be in desperate need of a Hawaiian vacation. He’s not, much to my surprise. When he introduces himself and welcomes me into his office, he looks energized and on fire. Artemis Vision is his passion, and he’s ready to tell me about how it is connecting with creators and collectors alike.

As we sit down to talk, Dean shares that Artemis Vision has been resonating with a lot of people. “It’s a powerful platform because of its use of blockchain technology,” he states, reflecting. “However, no matter how many bells and whistles we add to it to make it even more exciting, Artemis Vision is about celebrating art and enjoying its effect on the human soul. It brings everyone together no matter where they live or what they believe.”

At the center of Artemis Vision are NFTs, a mysterious word that privately baffles a lot of people. Dean graciously explains “non-fungible tokens” to me. “The best analogy I can come up with is that an NFT is similar to a trading card, except it’s unique and can’t be replaced. They exist on the Ethereum blockchain, which Artemis Vision uses. An NFT can be anything digital, and in our case, it’s art.”

The kind of art displayed and collected at Artemis Vision’s NFT marketplace is intriguing. Pencil/pen drawings, watercolors, anime – practically anything the human imagination can come up with can be found at Artemis Vision. “It’s really quite something to see what people create,” Dean says, genuinely appreciative. “You can easily spend hours looking through the NFTs. It’s like an online art gallery.”

Some of those NFTs have been created by celebrities. “This is part of what makes Artemis Vision so exciting,” Dean says, enthusiastic. “We’ve seen celebrities on the big screen or in concerts, of course, but some of them are actually excellent artists. They are ready to show their creations to the world, and they are choosing Artemis Vision to do it.”

What makes this even more exciting, he continues, is the impressive video technology that Artemis Vision has incorporated into its platform. “Think about how fun this is: we have live video streamings and 360-degree videos, and they allow fans to watch as celebrities upload their NFTs. Some even talk a little about their creations. Innovations like this are why Artemis Vision is standing on the edge of explosive growth.”

It does sound intriguing, and I like to draw. However, I am a non-tech person, so I admit that I’m not 100% sure I could create and load my own NFT.  Dean hastens to reassure me. “Artemis Vision makes the whole process very easy,” he says. “Once you upload your file to your account, our platform allows you to mint your NFT, which only takes a few minutes. You are guided every step of the way.”

Once that’s accomplished, the user can experience Artemis Vision’s full power when they dig into the platform’s features. Dean states that everyone has access to all of Artemis Vision’s perks, including support for artists, NFT social management, custom NFT art consultation, an NFT Surprise Pack, and, yes, the video technology.

“Behind all of that lies our deep commitment to our users, including the ability to monetize ads, intellectual property rights strategies, and NFT broker service and consultation. There is nothing that we can’t help you with as you explore Artemis Vision,” he concludes.

Dean co-founded Artemis Vision with Danny Nunez, its CEO, because both men share a passion for crypto technology and artwork. “We’re both what you might call crypto believers,” Dean says. “I think ‘computer geeks’ is too strong. We actually have a lot of business experience outside of computers. I have over twelve years in 

managing and building sales teams and have worked on more than 100 projects with them. Danny has had success with the telecommunication premier retail locations he has opened. We have both developed a passion for cryptocurrency and were intrigued when we saw NFTs growing alongside the blockchain industry. This is when I sat down with Danny to begin brainstorming what we could do with NFTs. Artemis Vision was born.”

As Dean and I wrap up our interview, I ask him what he likes the most about Artemis Vision. “That’s hard, but if I had to choose, I would say that it’s how the best of humanity is brought right to your computer screen. No matter what is happening in the world, no matter how many problems our society has, you can relax, sit back, and enjoy the creations of other people. Art brings people together, and I’m thankful that Artemis Vision is facilitating this.”

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