The Divine Empowerment

Divine feminine energy is a universal frequency that is the cornerstone of our physical and spiritual existence. Women have fallen apart from this divine energy by constantly competing in a masculine corporate world. 

For this reason, recently, Rhonda spent 5 days in Bali surrounded by a crackling fire, taking some time to be with herself for she understands women’s power comes from within. After five long days boosting her relationship with herself, nourishing self-love, self-compassion, and self-forgiveness, Rhonda was able to enhance her own consciousness and she’s ready more than ever to lead women into their own divine empowerment. 

“Sitting by the fire, I was visited by ancestors and women who came before me. Their presence allowed me to tap deeply into myself as a woman, and to see how I had navigated so heavily in my masculine for so many years. The connection with Mother Earth, and the communication I had with ancestors of the stars and ancestors of the Earth, allowed me to really, truly understand what it means to say we are one, and that we are so protected and guided,” Rhonda says.

Women are no longer alone in their reconnection with their Divine Feminine. It is time to feel vulnerable, creative, and compressive. It is time to cultivate abundance through collaboration and connection. First within ourselves, then with other women. That will be the new strategy that will rewrite the corporate world and hence the Marketing world. 

The new form of currency is feminine. As stated in Rhonda’s new book Women Gone Wild, it embraces women working WITH women, not against them, building women up, and supporting each other. Today’s world is eager to lean into the feminine journey Rhonda Swan is leading and see where it will take us. 

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