Minneapolis blues singer Joyann Parker releases powerful new ballad “Out Of The Dark”

Since the very beginning Joyann Parker knew she was made for the Blues genre since the second she walked into it. Being a blues musician is demanding but requires innovation which is exactly what Joyann does. She got her start in church which was when her musical education sprung from. From there she would combine soul, R&B and jazz for revelations as she sang. She has her roots planted firmly on the ground and she’s never been afraid of talking about the hardstuff. She’s become the narrator for the relationships she sings about: the good, the bad and the ugly. She does it all with her unique versatile sound and a her sexy bluesy voice. Her newest single and the closing track off her album “Out Of The Dark” tells the story of escaping an abusive relationship. It’s a personal narrative to Joyann about growth and how much she’s changed over the years.


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