Artist Charlieonnafriday Is Receiving Great Feedback On New Single “Sunset Avenue”

For some, Charlieonnafriday’s recent success appears like pure random chance. An 18-year-old with over 100 thousand streams on his new hit single “Sunset Avenue”? How fortunate. That single being produced by Casper do it Again on their first-ever recording session together? First time lucky.

But for Charlie, making people feel good through music has always been the goal, regardless of what people say. “I’ve always loved walking into a setting and changing the energy in the room in a positive way”, he stated. With “Sunset Avenue”, Charlie achieves exactly this as the feel-good, emotional music helps the listener understand the homesickness felt at the time of writing.

Despite only being 18 years old, Charlie knew exactly what type of music he wanted to spread to the world. “I love to make music that makes people feel happy and brings people good vibes”, and he wants to bring his feelings and experiences into the recording studio. “Sunset Avenue” is only a taste of what’s to come.

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