Andrew Giorgi Has Found The Secret To Automated Income

Andrew Giorgi is a serial entrepreneur, investor, mentor, and educator who has built his success running a Walmart Automation Agency and Amazon Wholesale businesses. He and his team run Walmart dropshipping accounts for people looking to create passive income. This goes hand in hand with his mentorship program that teaches people the business model and how to create an automated source of income for themselves. 

The journey to where Andrew is now, began with him leaving his job as a machine operator and, after being introduced to the industry, mastered the dropshipping models for the Amazon and Walmart markets. He has made multiple five and six-figure profits in a month and now helps others do the same. Andrew says, “my greatest success would have to be helping one of my students generate $50k in one month with Walmart dropshipping” and even though he has made a lot, “nothing beats helping someone else achieve a level of success they strived for and knowing I had a major role in changing someone’s life beats any amount of money I have made in one month. I strive to continue to change more lives by teaching people the power of e-commerce and how to create passive income.” 

Like in most industries, challenges present themselves and Andrew has faced his fair share. He stated in an interview, “Some challenges I have faced along the way are people talking down on me whether it is family or friends because I stay to myself, and I never come out of the house or want to ‘have a good time.’ This was because I knew what I wanted and I was not going to let anything get in the way of my goals. Other challenges I have faced were breaking through certain ceilings like growing the business. The way I overcame this challenge was by networking and partnering up with people who were more successful than me and people who knew more than I did regarding the business which allowed me to learn more and grow my business.”

Andrew hopes his success will lead to the opportunities to host events and masterclasses based around selling on Amazon and Walmart. Additionally, as he continues to fully automate his businesses, he looks to enter other passive income ventures and continue to help and guide others in the same field. 

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