How to transport a dog safely?

How to transport a dog safely?

You almost have everything ready: suitcases, backpacks, purse … Everything is protected in the trunk, or next to you, in the place where you’re most personal belongings can be safest. But what about you dear ones? Yes, your dog. Are you sure that you have taken all the necessary precautions to avoid injury or causing an incident on the road?

Having a pet is often synonymous with joy, cuddling, and love. But in some cases, when we want to go on vacation and especially for a ski vacation, for example, we find ourselves obliged to bring our favourite furball with us, in our car.

The cage for dogs is an exciting accessory whose purpose is to provide an interior for the animal. Whether for transport, home, or simply to serve as a basket.

In the first place, the interest of the dog cage is not to enclose the animal, but to allow it to have its own space.

Seatbelts for dogs

It is the same as the other passengers. Like infants, children, or adults, dogs must wear a seat belt when traveling by road. The seat belt is mandatory, and pets are no exception.

 Nothing in the Highway Code indicates that it is forbidden to have a dog, cat, or any other domestic animal with you in your car. However, the field of vision and the movements of the driver of the vehicle must not be obstructed by his passengers or any other manipulations prohibited while driving. Obviously, all passengers in a car must have their seat belts fastened. A dog like a cat is considered a passenger and must follow a few rules to make the trip go smoothly.

Whether you are going to take a short trip or a long trip, the safety of the pet is not only a safeguard of life for him, but for us and our environment, and all precautions are little. The licks, anxiety, yelping, or even a light chomp can bother travelers and divert the driver. And the security of your dog relies solely upon you and the actions you go on prior to beginning the outing. That is why it is recommended to keep them in a comfortable hundebure when traveling with animals.

Hundebure for dogs

A well-crafted hundebure can help us a lot in aspects such as:

  • Create a space in which the dog feels comfortable, safe and that is his space, where he will have the privilege of not being disturbed.
  • Training certain beneficial aspects for day-to-day such as tranquility (yes, you can train), impulse control, etc. 
  • In the case of puppies, it can be helpful to at some point when you cannot be watching the puppy, and you need both him and your things to be safe (be careful, this does not mean having the puppy always locked in the cage).
  • It helps both in routine visits to the vet, training courses, or getaway weekends. It is as if you could bring your own bed to every place you travel.
  • It can be helpful in the treatment of specific problems such as separation anxiety or hygiene behaviour issues.
  • Have a comfort zone in which the dog feels comfortable and safe inside, where he will have the privilege of not being disturbed. To train with several dogs while one calmly waits for his turn and thus have the whole situation under control.
  • In the case of puppies as a safe isolation area (be careful, do not always keep inside for safety, a puppy is of an age to experiment) Space reserved for traveling and staying calm, visits the vet, dog grooming, getaways, vacations, trips, training, competitions, etc.

 The dog must enter under its own foot safely without fear and remain calm in its dog crate. All individuals who keep canines as pets have a profound warmth for them, yet there is one thing to remember: many dogs are forceful. In this way, you should get them far from others.  It would be best if you stayed away from bothering. What’s more, by burdens, we mean nibbles, blows, and any kind of injury that might happen, both the canine and the individual assaulted. 

That is the reason there is a choice that you can use to keep your dog in a protected region: by this, we mean hundebure. Consequently, we will foster a total aide with all you require to think about them. We urge you to give close consideration and follow the proposals.

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