PREMIERE | Neil Nathan Calls For Healing on New Single “All Together”

Channeling the likes of folk and rock legends such as Cat Stevens and George Harrison, Neil Nathan is making a name for himself amongst the greats. And that’s not to be taken lightly, as media outlets like Skope Mag and UK’s No Ripcord are raving about his talents. The praise can be accredited to Nathan’s art of storytelling through his music. With inspiration from his life on the road, Nathan’s soulful songwriting speaks directly to the heart and takes you on a journey to pure bliss. Influenced by Nathan’s trip to the Orfordness Lighthouse on the Suffolk Coast of England, his latest track, “All Together,” takes an introspective look at how mediation can be the foundation to healing. 

Enter into a hypnotizing state of mind in Neil Nathan’s music video for “All Together,” as he intricately blends the dreamy strums of the Indian Slide Guitar (Mike ‘Slo-Mo’ Brenner) with acoustic folk-rock. The video features breathtaking visuals, shot from around the world, to solidify Nathan’s message of how human connection is what unites us all. The recurring symbol of the lighthouse recognizes that hope and love transcend darkness. As you are swept away into the latter half of “All Together,” Nathan chants the Compassionate Mantra “Om Mani Padme Hum,” which embodies the Buddist path of enlightenment and freedom from suffering. The song and music video call for viewers to embrace the healing powers of mediation and recognize the beauty our life has to offer. The song was recorded and mixed by Pete Rydberg at his Studio 1935 in South Philadelphia.

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