Bishop Lamor Miller Whitehead Is Inspiring Many

On the fateful day of June 14, 1978, a Brooklyn civic leader by the name of Arthur Miller died after an arresting police officer brutally choked Mr. Miller using a nightstick. This was one of the first “I can’t breathe” moments of our modern time, and we know unfortunately what has unfolded since.

Lamor Miller Whitehead, the son of Arthur Miller, was only 6 years old at the time of that incident, and it left a gaping hole throughout the now Bishop’s life. Bishop Whitehead grew up without a father and had to learn many things the hard way. He had to survive in the streets of Brooklyn, but it’s made him who he is today and gives his powerful messages that much more meaning.

Bishop Lamor Miller Whitehead has grown to be what his father was and then some. Bishop Whitehead is loved amongst many as a dynamic preacher, social activist, motivational speaker, community leader, and entrepreneur. He’s a firm believer in the power of God and what it can do for people and communities. Currently, Bishop Whitehead is the Pastor for the Leaders of Tomorrow International Churches and is running for Brooklyn’s next Borough President.

Bishop Whitehead is a well-rounded individual who will always inspire many and be at the forefront of change in our country. Keep up with his journey and learn more about Bishop Lamor Miller Whitehead on his website and Instagram links below.

Bishop Lamor Miller Whitehead’s website:

Follow Bishop Lamor Miller Whitehead on Instagram:  @iambishopwhitehead

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