Ranking Every Episode Of ‘The Adventures Of Pete & Pete’

It was 30 years ago that The Adventures of Pete & Pete debuted as a TV show. The first two “specials” aired in 1991, which became a de facto first season before the first season. Of all the Nickelodeon shows, Pete & Pete is my favorite. You can read about that, and more, in my book The Nickelodeon ‘90s: Cartoons, Game Shows and a Whole Bunch of Slime. For the occasion, I decided to rank all 39 episodes of Pete & Pete. Here are those rankings my little Vikings.

39. “Crisis in the Love Zone”

38. “Last Laugh”

37. “The Good, the Bad and the Lucky”

36. “Splashdown!”

35. “Inspector 34”

34. “35 Hours”

33. “Dance Fever”

32. “King of the Road”

31. “O Christmas Pete”

30. “On Golden Pete”

29. “Grounded for Life”

28. “Tool and Die”

27. “Day of the Dot”

26. “New Year’s Pete”

25. “The Trouble with Teddy”

24. “Allnighter”

23. “Space, Geeks, and Johnny Unitas”

22. “The Big Quiet”

21. “Field of Pete”

20. “Valentine’s Day Massacre”

19. “Saturday”

18. “Road Warrior”

17. “The Call”

16. “Apocalypse Pete”

15. “X = Why?”

14. “When Petes Collide”

13. “Sick Day”

12. “The Nightcrawlers”

11. “Don’t Tread on Pete”

10. “What We Did On Our Summer Vacation”

9. “Farewell, My Little Viking: Part 1”

8. “Farewell, My Little Viking: Part 2”

7. “Halloweenie”

6. “Time Tunnel”

5. “Yellow Fever”

4. “Hard Day’s Pete”

3. “Rangeboy”

2. “Pinned!”

1. “Das Bus”

Here’s something that’s interesting to me, and perhaps only to me. Most of my least-favorite episodes are from the third and final season. On the other hand, my top-two episodes are also from the third season. Also, I did sort of make sure to include the two parts of “Farewell, My Little Viking” together, but that’s about where they belong honestly. I massaged a bit, but didn’t really cheat.

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